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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


So it turns out that TSM is calculating Front-End usage automatically when you install Ops Center or have SET STATUSMONITOR ON. I had installed Operations Center when I installed the latest SP and wasn't familiar witht he front-end licensing model until now. So lucky me it show's the data our management wants without me having to go to each application server to manually gather the data. Note that it is supposed to show the total in MB but from the command line it appears as if SP didn't calculate correctly. If you go into Ops Center and check licensing then it shows that the 

Front-End Capacity (MB): 148.21 

According to the Front-End licensing model this instance ACTIVE DATA is acutally 148TB.  If you you want to know the overall ACTIVE DATA the SP instance is protecting then look at the Front-End numbers. When you do a Q STATUS, if it's not reporting in TB than it probably is expriencing the bug that needs correcting by IBM, but that value is probably correct but in TB not MB.  Ops Center will also tell you how many nodes are not reporting and you can select that and view the list to see if any should be reporting.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Q STATUS Question

The company to which I am employed was recently acquired by another company that is a heavy Netbackup user. They bill not based on overall occupancy but on the "Front End Usage" of their servers. I don't know how that works for accurate billing but it's what they do and now we are being asked to provide "Front End Capacity" numbers so they can compare. The problem is ADSM/TSM/SP has always had issues with reporting "active only" data. Just recently I was working with an select IBM provided to pull the active for file systems but they also stated we had to go to the individual application servers to pull DB data. Not fun. So when I recently looked at all the detail of the Q STATUS I noticed the following near the bottom.

                 SUR Occupancy (TB): 703                
            SUR Occupancy Date/Time: 2019-01-07, 10:23:18
            Front-End Capacity (MB): 148.21             
             Front-End Client Count: 408                   
            Front-End Capacity Date: 2019-01-07, 10:23:18
                   Product Offering: IBM Spectrum Protect

According to IBM these last few statements are:

SUR Occupancy (TB)
If you have an IBM Spectrum Protect Suite (SUR) license, this field specifies the SUR occupancy on the server. The SUR occupancy is the amount of space that is used to store data that is managed by the IBM Spectrum Protect products that are included in the SUR bundle.
SUR Occupancy Date/Time
Specifies the date and time when SUR occupancy data was last collected.
Front-End Capacity (MB)
Specifies the amount of primary data that is reported as being backed up by clients. Clients include applications, virtual machines, and systems. This value is used for the front-end licensing model.
Front-End Client Count
Specifies the number of clients that reported capacity usage based on the front-end licensing model.
Front-End Capacity Date
Specifies the date and time when front-end capacity data was last collected.
Product Offering
Specifies a product offering.

So what exactly is the SUR license and does the EE license cover that? How is the data generated because my server reports front-end data at 148MB but if it is actually TB then that would fit more closely with overall capacity as front-end would be about 21% of overall occupancy. IBM obviously has some function to gather front-end numbers so why do they also have us going down the rabbit hold of gathering the data application data from the clients?

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Active Data Report

So me an a coworker have been hounding IBM for a way to generate an active data report for management. For various reasons they want to be able to see how much data a server would require for rebuild/restore and also to guage any growth. As many of you might be aware this has been something the TSM/Spectrum Protect community has been requesting for some time. So IBM created a perl script that when analyzed issues the following SQL select:

(I've added continuation dashes to make the select more readable)

select -
(sum(bk.bfsize )/1048576) as front_end_size_mega_byte, -
count(bk.bfsize ) as number_of_objects -
from -
 backups b, backup_objects bk -
where -
 b.state='ACTIVE_VERSION' -
 and -
 b.object_id=bk.objid -
 and -
 b.filespace_id in -
   ( select f.filespace_id -
     from filespaces f -
     where -
      b.node_name=f.node_name -
     and -
      f.filespace_id=b.filespace_id -
     and -
      f.filespace_type not like 'API:%' -
     and -
      f.filespace_type not like 'TDP%' -
   ) -
   and -
    b.node_name in -
   ( select node_name -
     from nodes -
     where repl_mode not in('RECEIVE','SYNCRECEIVE') -

You will notice, however, that the select excludes node replicas and any API or TDP data. This is purely for file system backups. Supposedly they have something for TDP/API backups but I have not worked with it yet. I will post it as soon as I have a chance to review it and make it readable.

NOTE: This command can take a somewhat considerable amount of time to run. I have seen it take upwards of 10+ minutes to complete when run during our non-backup window times. Be patient!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Win2K & Win2003 - Data Currently Unavailable On Server

This past weekend we performed a DR test on quit a few servers and discovered a situation that was a wake up call for anyone still using Windows 2000 or Windows 2003. The issue is that when we ran a restore the IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1 server issued a warning on all the files for the particular node with the following message type…

ANE4035W (Session: 79, Node: ODC-WINCS-1-DR)  File '\\od-wincs-1\e$\834\c-oh\files-20170823-123000' currently unavailable on server.

The tape was in a readonly state and accessible by the library so it was not a tape unavailable problem. I then querried the file and ran some tests suggested by IBM in the following link


The data is present and on tape but TSM will not restore it. (See the queries below) IBM would not help us because the OS is unsupported as is the TSM client. We could not restore the System State, System Services, or any of the Data to the DR replica. What we could do is access the data from a supported client level on a supported OS level (i.e. TSM Client 6.4 from a Windows 2008 server). We were unable to recover the Win2K/Win2003 servers during the DR test and unfortunately I know many companies out there still have some of these servers in their environment. It's time to upgrade! Your data is at risk!

tsm: OMATSM02>select * from backups where node_name='ODC-WINCS-1-DR' and FILESPACE_ID=1 and hl_name=upper('\834\c-oh\') and LL_NAME=upper('files-20170823-123000')

FILESPACE_NAME: \\od-wincs-1\e$
           TYPE: DIR
        HL_NAME: \834\C-OH\
        LL_NAME: FILES-20170823-123000
      OBJECT_ID: 11926208445
    BACKUP_DATE: 2018-08-10 03:04:37.000000

tsm: OMATSM02>show bfo 11926208445

Bitfile Object: 11926208445
**Sub-bitfile 11926208445 is stored in the following aggregate(s)
Super-bitfile: 11926199674, Offset: 26157087, Length 735, Deduped: F

tsm: OMATSM02>show bfo 11926199674

Bitfile Object: 11926199674
**Super-bitfile 11926199674 contains following aggregated bitfiles,
Bitfile Id, offset, length, active state or owner, link bfid
11926199674   0             8732          Active
11926199676   8732          1527          Active
11926208946   26573407      5510          Active
11926208947   26578917      49168         Active

**Sub-bitfile 11926199674 is stored in the following aggregate(s)
  Super-bitfile: 11926199674, Offset: 0, Length 8732, Deduped: F

**Archival Bitfile Entry
  Bitfile Type: PRIMARY  Storage Format: 22
  Bitfile Size: 26631381  Number of Segments: 1, flags: 0
  Storage Pool ID: 33  Volume ID: 22903  Volume Name: L42803

tsm: OMATSM02>q vol L42803 f=d

                   Volume Name: L42803
             Storage Pool Name: WIN-DR-TAPE
             Device Class Name: IBM-LTO-4
            Estimated Capacity: 4.2 T
       Scaled Capacity Applied:
                      Pct Util: 100.0
                 Volume Status: Full
                        Access: Read-Only
        Pct. Reclaimable Space: 0.0
               Scratch Volume?: Yes
               In Error State?: No
      Number of Writable Sides: 1
       Number of Times Mounted: 227
             Write Pass Number: 1
     Approx. Date Last Written: 08/12/18   16:44:25
        Approx. Date Last Read: 08/25/18   22:06:34
           Date Became Pending:
        Number of Write Errors: 0
         Number of Read Errors: 0
               Volume Location:
Volume is MVS Lanfree Capable : No
Last Update by (administrator): CSMALL
         Last Update Date/Time: 08/25/18   20:29:37
          Begin Reclaim Period:
            End Reclaim Period:
  Drive Encryption Key Manager: IBM Spectrum Protect
       Logical Block Protected: No

tsm: OMATSM02>q libvol dr-libr L42803

Library Name     Volume Name     Status               Owner          Last Use      Home        Device
                                                                                   Element     Type
------------     -----------     ----------------     ----------     ---------     -------     ------
DR-LIBR          L42803          Private                             Data          1,089

Monday, August 06, 2018

Spectrum Protect Server 8.1.x Paging Space Issue

I thought I would pass this along...I have two Spectrum Protect 8.1.4 instances on the same AIX 7 LPAR that since their upgrade to this version has had frequent exhausting of paging space crashes. We reviewed and checked processes and figured it was an AIX issue. Upon deeper investigation I noticed there were some previous APARs for DB2 exhausting paging space due to a 64k block size. Investigating that further led me to the following APAR for Spectrum Protect 


So to check I ran the following shell command to list the top 10 processes using memory/paging

# svmon -Pt 10 -O summary=basic,unit=MB

Unit: MB

     Pid Command          Inuse      Pin     Pgsp  Virtual
 4391072 db2sysc       74805.10     51.4 15266.27 72775.38
 7274744 db2sysc       71323.35     50.2 15579.61 71796.98
10486106 db2vend       71164.58     47.6 15084.41 71589.28
 4915692 dsmserv       15230.22     49.5  6629.03 20345.98
 2490670 dsmserv        1931.09     49.6   299.12  2197.74
 5701694 db2sysc         632.43     47.6     42.1   732.73
 8126714 db2sysc         569.93     47.6     29.1   665.60
 6553630 db2vend         561.76     47.6     37.0   660.47
 6422602 db2sysc         559.20     47.6     37.2   657.31
 4849682 db2sysc         559.20     47.6     37.2   657.31

So the db2sysc and dsm2vend along with the dsmserv are using up large amounts of paging.

Here is my using in topas

Size,MB   64512
% Used     60
% Free     40
So what's the solution? Restart the TSM instance(s) until you can upgrade to 8.1.5 

Friday, July 27, 2018

DB2 Select Example In TSM/SP

While trying to create a specific report that a manager requested I realized I needed something more powerful. Well now that TSM/Spectrum Protect runs on DB2 we have all the power we need. Here is an example of generating a report with an Inner and Outer Join.

Inner and Outer Join Example

Part 1 - Will return the columns from two tables into a third temporary table

Select -
 varchar(o.node_name,45) ENTITY, -
 cast(s.SUM_AFFECTED as dec(12,0)) AFFECTED,
 cast(s.SUM_BYTES/1073741824 as decimal(12,2)) GB_BACKED_UP, -
 cast(o.SUM_NUM_FILES as dec(15,0)) TOTAL_FILES_STORED, -
 cast(o.SUM_LOGICAL_MB/1024 as dec(12,2)) GB_TSM_OCCUPANCY -
 from -

Part 2 - Gather two columns from occupancy

select node_name, -
  from occupancy -
    group by node_name

Part 3 - Gather three columns from summary for BACKUP and ARCHIVES for last 30 days

select varchar(entity,45) ENTITY, -
    sum(bytes/1073741824) SUM_BYTES, -
    sum(affected) SUM_AFFECTED -
  from summary  -
   where -
    end_time>=(current_timestamp - 30 days) -
    and activity in ('BACKUP','ARCHIVE') -
   group by entity

select -
 varchar(o.node_name,45) ENTITY, -
 cast(s.SUM_AFFECTED as dec(12,0)) AFFECTED, -
 cast(s.SUM_BYTES as decimal(12,2)) GB_BACKED_UP, -
 cast(o.SUM_NUM_FILES as dec(15,0)) TOTAL_FILES_STORED, -
 cast(o.SUM_LOGICAL_MB/1024 as dec(12,2)) GB_TSM_OCCUPANCY -
 from -
 (select node_name, -
  from occupancy -
    group by node_name) o, -
 (select entity, -
    sum(bytes/1073741824) SUM_BYTES, -
    sum(affected) SUM_AFFECTED -
  from summary  -
   where -
    end_time>=(current_timestamp - 30 days) -
    and activity in ('BACKUP','ARCHIVE') -
   group by entity) s -
 where ENTITY in (select node_name from nodes where domain_name<>'MN-STD-POL-DOM') -
  and o.node_name=s.entity -
  order by ENTITY

The generated report shows the total amount of files backed up, GB backed up for the last 30 days while also showing the total files stored in TSM and the nodes current total occupancy in GB.

----------   ---------------     ---------------     -------------------     -----------------
DORPORA05                920            47513.00                    8354              73263.60
IXPFLDNAS              60792               27.00                15443947               9434.27
ILDNASJ                12680                5.00                 1972680                715.60
ILDNASK                    8                0.00                   83004                197.48
ILDNASL                10739                4.00                 1649434                574.51
ILDNASM                45448               25.00                 1221367               1722.03
ILDNASM                 4386                7.00                 1122826                557.64
ILDNASN                    5                0.00                   99769                 46.52
ILDNASO                 1688                0.00                  459683                138.16
ILDNASP                 9369               11.00                 1402332               1623.92
ILDNASR                28787               29.00                  462479                457.15
ILDNASS                    5                0.00                   36771                 17.51
ILDNAST                 6329               21.00                  982728               1038.08
ILDNASU                 6848               19.00                 1548369                671.68
ILDNASV                18197               48.00                  999905               1333.92
ILDNASW                    5                0.00                  245366                116.89
RSD1W030S              59979                7.00                 5207060                547.23
RSD1W031S               3444                2.00                 5070450                473.15
RSD1W241S               6879               47.00                  517358               1782.92
RSD1W242S               6478               51.00                  995006               2109.45
RSD1W266S               4377                7.00                  492810                184.69
RSD1W267S               5700                3.00                  328391                100.95
RSD1W320C              40881               12.00                 2692541                576.50
RSD1W341C               8194               55.00                  456567               1120.11
RSD1W342C              17003                7.00                  625487                281.84
RSD1W343C               4628                2.00                  298699                 79.63
RSD1W504SV              1941               12.00                   42444                551.35
RSD1W505SV              1079              105.00                   38524               4033.06
RSD1W5067S               683               64.00                   22389               1343.82
RSD1W506SV               489                0.00                   14349                  4.53
RSD1W508SV              2662               31.00                   79340                699.12
RSD1W509SV              4017               74.00                  139073               1617.35
RSD1W510SV               698              544.00                   18086               9161.23
RSD1W511SV              1365              295.00                   65303               6588.06