Monday, September 25, 2006

Why Use GPFS?

So we have GPFS enabled systems and an application that uses these file systems to store MILLIONS of very small files. The GPFS file system is supposed to allow multiple systems to share a filespace and data, but we continually have issues with backups. A lot of it is due to the number of files (9+ million is one file system alone), but also with the memory utilization of the scheduler. The system has only 4 GB of memory and when the scheduler is running it consumes at least 1GB. So my question is wouldn't a NAS based file system work just as well? Granted the GPFS file systems look local on each server, and in all respects are local, but the difference can't be that big especially when the majority of the data is under 10K in size (mostly under 1K to be exact). So anyone have experience with GPFS to state otherwise?