Saturday, December 30, 2006

ACSLS Not Really Ready For Library Sharing!

So we have a large ACSLS library at one of our data centers and we decided to use library sharing with 5.3. Tivoli stated that in 5.3 ACSLS is now supported in a library sharing environment. So we setup library sharing and proceeded to also setup DRM to handle our offsite tape rotation. Now I have used IBM equipment almost exclusively when I was with IBM so this ACSLS stuff is new to me, so when MOVE DRMEDIA did not seem to be working I immediately thought it was an ACSLS issue. The problem was that when we ran a MOVE DRMEDIA the library would only checkout one tape at a time. We have two 40 tape I/O doors so why it would only check out one tape at a time was puzzling(it would wait until the tape was removed from the I/O door before checking out the next tape). So I called Sun/STK and was told it was a software issue. So when I called Tivoli it took days before someone found the issue was in fact TSM. The APAR is IC45537 which states that TSM library clients do not currently support the concurrent checkout of multiple volumes. There was a local work around which entailed using MOVE DRMEDIA REMOVE=NO from the library client, checking them back in on the library controller, and then checking them out on the library controller. It's a mess of a script but it works. This APAR was released in April of 2005 yet I am still having to use a local work around. It just drives me nuts! Especially because the problem was not one that even Tivoli support easily found. Let's hope there is an actual fix in 5.4 but I'm not betting on it.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

MOVE DRMEDIA from shared ACSLS library

OK, so I my work has an ACSLS library shared by 7 instances of TSM and my move drmedia commands fail. I have tried it with and without the cap= option and also have used remove=bulk and remove=yes. The volumes fail to checkout and the ACSLS documentation I have found so far does not cover shared ACSLS checkout. Any help is appreciated.