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I'm Chad and I started TSMAdmin to help other TSM Administrators around the world by sharing my experiences and knowledge. I have been teaching, administrating, and consulting on ADSM/TSM for over 12 years, and previous to that I worked as a contractor to the Lotus division of IBM. Currently I'm working with Data Domain's and VTL's in a large fortune 50 company.

As you can see, I love solving problems and helping others solve theirs.  I have a thirst for knowledge and would love to hear from you out there on the problems you have come across and how you solved them. If you would like to contribute a post send me an e-mail with an idea or issue you've come across and resolved. Enjoy the blog and don't forget to search the site if you are looking for help on a specific item.

Chad Small
TSM Deployment Professional

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  1. Hi Chad... Edie here. From your last poll, looks like a lot of people have upgraded to TSM server version 7.1. I'm looking for some feedback... pros, cons, gotchas? Thanks