Monday, August 29, 2005

New TSM Features

For those unaware IBM has added two new items to the TSM portfolio that I think take it a step above in its service offering. The first is Continuous Data Protection for Files. This software add-on will allow for invisible, real-time file replication. Basically the minute you create a new file it is replicated in a backup location. The following features are available for replication:

  • A copy is stored locally

  • A copy can be saved to a fileserver or NAS

  • A copy can be sent to a TSM server

The product does not require TSM and looks to solve a lot of problems with large fileservers. I’ll admit, I want this as soon as it comes available. The one problem I see is who is going to buy the disk required for this?

The second piece I have seen a need for some time is HSM for Windows. Well wait no longer, it’s here! IBM has just announced HSM for Windows. As with other products it allows you to migrate files off of a server when it reaches a certain age but provides for file level granularity, as the file is now a stub linked to the actual file in TSM storage. To learn more about both products you can read up on them here.

NetApp Filer TOC Issue

I thought I would pass along a notice that we have been informed of a problem with TOC file corruption on NetApp filers that have files with dates before Jan. 1, 1970, and after Jan. 19, 2038. Somehow it causes the TOC backup to abend. It also looks like the TOC can be corrupted when the bitfile in which the TOC file is stored is damaged. If this is the case and the corruption is recent it is possible that the TOC is undamaged on the copypool and could possibly be used for the restore. If the TOCs are unavailable then file level restore will need the absolute path to succeed.    

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

CHKDSK Utility Flaw Explained

I recently was asked about the file system issue with Windows and thought I would be a little more in depth. The file system problem is resolved with the following patches:

MS831375 and MS873437 for Windows 2000

Here is a good description of the problem (3rd paragraph down) and Microsoft’s page.

Basically when a large volume has over 4,194,303 files a flaw in the chkdsk utility run in fix mode or repair mode can strip the permissions from the files. Patch MS873437 is related. Here is the link.;en-us;873437

MS831374 is for Windows 2003 and is the same issue with the chkdsk utility.;en-us;831374

According to our administrators we had systems on other patch reboots go into the chkdsk utility and automatically start running in fix or repair mode. So in our case it was not something that was user initiated. Hope this helps and have fun patching!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Web Interface And The ISC

I recently was informed that the LTO3 format setting was never added to the old web interface. Is this true? I guess you can use the command line or ISC but was a little saddened to hear there was so update for that. What can I expect, they are trying to get rid of the interface. Does anyone know why the DRM feature was/is not in the ISC interface?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Oracle RMAN Catalogue Cleanup

Why do people love Oracle? When I hear mention of Oracle I think of Luke Skywalker when he saw the Millenium Falcon, "What a piece of junk!" Like the Falcon it looks clunky, breaks down easily, and has the most tempermental behavior. When it's running, however, it screams. The problem is that the RMAN catalogue sometimes doesn't do appropriate cleanup. If you want to make sure that a particular node is performing cleanup within TSM run the following select command -

select object_id from backups where node_name= and
backup_date < '2005-07-01 00:00:00'

This can be redirected to a file then used later to delete with an undocumented delete command. I will give the delete command out to those who need it, but remember any deletion from the TSM DB is done AT YOUR OWN RISK! It's unsupported because Tivoli doesn't trust you to not screw stuff up, and although I don't think you will, it's better safe then sorry.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Return Of The Web Interface (Update!)

Previously I had posted an article on the web interface that linked to IBM's page that then linked to an FTP server for the files needed to activate the web interface on 5.3 servers. Well looks like the link was bad so I will provide it correctly. The documentation and files for Unix is here, Windows is here.