Thursday, August 31, 2006

How Tivoli Can Fix The ISC

I thought about it and instead of just complaining I figured I'd offer my two cents. The beauty of the old web interface was that it was simple and fast at refreshing (usually). The new ISC is slow in this regard, and that is where the problem lies. The idea of a central monitoring tool is wonderful. The problem is in the response time. OK! So how can they fix it? AJAX! Yes with Asynchronous Javascript And XML there would be no reloads. Updates would happen dynamically and the ISC Admin Center would actually be amazing! Don't believe me? Look at what a lot of the Web 2.0 apps are using, that's right AJAX! It's turns a ho-hum web app into a true desktop app that you would forget is running in your browser. Is it in the works? My bets are on NO! But, hey someone has to have dreams!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Search TSMExpert

OK! So I have covered a lot of topics and the way blogs work does not easily lend itself to find the info you might need. I would agree with you except that Blogger is hosted by Google, which means you kind find anything you need if you search for it! Use the Google search box on the right and select Google then searches through this website to find the topics that might best suit your needs. If you need NDMP info or have questions on the LVSA the areas where they have been covered in this blog can easily be found.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

TSM AIX Performance Issue With ML05

I found this APAR interesting and thought I would pass it along. There seems to be a bug in the TSM client for AIX when updated to ML05 and Direct I/O is in use on the filesystems. I can't explain the details well enough so read the post here. This bug can cause significant increases in backup time. They give a good example in the APAR description.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Disk Question

Ok so in the DS4000 Redbook (page 153) they give a TSM example for setting up disk and they describe using a RAID 10 configuration. What!?! I've always heard and taught that TSM should use TSM mirroring since the extra DB copies are used for writing to help with performance and TSM keeps them all sync'd. So why would I create two RAID 10 arrays and let the DS4000 handle the mirroring? Why not create two RAID 1 arrays and mirror thru TSM? This has implications not only on the DS4000 series but on every high-end enterprise disk out there. So which is it IBM?

TSM Admin Center Blues!

OK so I used TSMManager when I was with IBM and at the new account, I must say, I see the headaches involved when you don't have a central management tool. I am trying to configure my servers on the ISC Admin Center and it is a piece-o-crap! I don't think anyone at Tivoli or IBM did a usability study. If so they would not have moved to the new interface, or they would have made it a lot better. Granted the ISC gives you a central management tool, but it is so unintuitive and slow I find myself grinding my teeth together using it. Now we are almost two years into the ISC and it still sucks so what gives? Anyone have anything positive or hints to make it somewhat useable? It's slow, clunky, and not intuitive. Use the Operational Reporting tool you say? Forget it! It doesn’t even look like they are moving forward with it on 5.3 since it still has a web option. I just have one question for developers? What is going on?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Any Advice On ACSLS?

So I have a new job with a new company doing TSM work and they have a STK library using ACSLS.  Since I have never used ACSLS and am not sure why it doesn’t have a web interface I am looking for pointers from you all as to tips, tricks, or things I should now when using it.  One question I have is why did they make a management tool that has to run on a totally separate piece of hardware? STK has stuck with ACSLS for a long time so I am assuming it must be somewhat worthwhile. Is it?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Intro and VSS information

Hello to all you readers of TSMEXPERT out there. My name is Jared and I've been ask to join by my good friend Chad (who is leaving the job he helped me get!) and post some of the Windows stuff that I've been doing with TSM lately. I put together a PPT presentation that talks about VSS and TSM. It might not be that helpful but it was useful to our team here. I have spent many hours trying to fix various TSM and VSS issues over the past couple years and this is a result of that work. I will warn you that some of this is "editorialized" and those parts should be rather obvious.

Without further ado, click here to download it.

Leaving IBM

Friday will be my last day with IBM.  It’s been a great 5 years, but I realized that the only way my career would grow was to make a change.  I have learned a lot and am thankful for the opportunity IBM provided.  My new employer will be Infocrossing, and I look forward to the challenges that I will encounter. For one it won’t be a majority IBM hardware user so I will be able to get my hands dirty with ACSLS and STK libraries.  I love IBM equipment so it will be interesting to see what it’s like in the non-IBM world. I will still be doing TSM so this blog is not going anywhere.

Friday, August 04, 2006

TSM V5.4 Enhancements

TSM V5.4 Enhancements Selected for Beta Account Validation

Cluster Failover for TSM HSM for Windows (available October, 2006)

TSM Express to TSM Enterprise upgrade                  
Backupset Enhancements
  • Generate to a specified point-in-time

  • Improve  tracking,

  • Stack multiple nodes' data on a single set volumes,

  • Enable the client to display contents and allow selection of individual files for restore,

  • Support image data,

  • And more

Support for Windows Vista (available November, 2006)
Support for Intel based Macintosh systems

Using TSM Server as an NDMP Tape Server (Filer to Server to backup)
Create Media for offsite vaulting of NDMP Generate Data        

Reconciliation for TSM HSM for Windows  (available October, 2006)

Improved BA client memory usage
  • Note: Using the disk cache setting will require additional disk space. The disk cache file can exceed 4 gigabytes for a very large filesystem incremental backup. Therefore, if the filesystem does not support large files, the user will need to enable large file support for the filesystem or use the diskcachelocation setting to point to a filesystem that can support large files.
Collocation of active data
  • Enhancement provides a new type of storage pool for storing only active versions of backup client data.        
Administrator Center Enhancements Part 3
  • Update administrator password, cmd line applet, AUDIT LIBRARY/VOLUME, QUERY NODEDATA/MEDIA, MOVE NODEDATA/MEDIA