Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Any Advice On ACSLS?

So I have a new job with a new company doing TSM work and they have a STK library using ACSLS.  Since I have never used ACSLS and am not sure why it doesn’t have a web interface I am looking for pointers from you all as to tips, tricks, or things I should now when using it.  One question I have is why did they make a management tool that has to run on a totally separate piece of hardware? STK has stuck with ACSLS for a long time so I am assuming it must be somewhat worthwhile. Is it?


  1. Thanks Jerry! I'll definitely keep you in mind. This new library is going to be a beast! Its an older SL5500 with 30 LTO-3 drives.

  2. Hello all I wrote both the gresham nad non-gresham how-to b/t ACSLS and TSM.

    - the SL5500 is only about 16 months old and the gotchas I have experienced do not exist unless you want drive sharing which supposedly you don't need with 5.3

    - I assume you run TSM on AIX? lbtest has utilities in the 51-54 menu options that test communication with acsls

    - periodically you may want to check that all resources have a common lock id if they don't you will have drives off-line (rare after 5.1)

    - let me know if you want my full incorporation guide

    - ACSLS uses informix database and legato's db transaction log flush utility; they want to make sure you can always reboot acsls if required by tech support but as long as you don't have legato networker or informix loaded on the server you can run acsls on a non-dedicated server.

  3. There's a Field Guide here that may be of use.. I haven't had a chance to look through it yet. (Waring - link is direct to a 40 page PDF)