Monday, August 28, 2006

TSM Admin Center Blues!

OK so I used TSMManager when I was with IBM and at the new account, I must say, I see the headaches involved when you don't have a central management tool. I am trying to configure my servers on the ISC Admin Center and it is a piece-o-crap! I don't think anyone at Tivoli or IBM did a usability study. If so they would not have moved to the new interface, or they would have made it a lot better. Granted the ISC gives you a central management tool, but it is so unintuitive and slow I find myself grinding my teeth together using it. Now we are almost two years into the ISC and it still sucks so what gives? Anyone have anything positive or hints to make it somewhat useable? It's slow, clunky, and not intuitive. Use the Operational Reporting tool you say? Forget it! It doesn’t even look like they are moving forward with it on 5.3 since it still has a web option. I just have one question for developers? What is going on?


  1. Chad,
    I feel you pain man...I am not big fan of ISC either...This is my work around and work very well...if you load isc to your desktop and manage through your desktop you will see some improvement.

  2. I totally agree, and know many other TSM admins who dislike the ISC. I must say I am also amazed that TSM Operation Reporting has not improved. Tivoli is just a database of info. It's been easier to create our own queries and auto-emails. If I can develop something in a few weeks to e-mail me more concise information, I would think IBM could pay a few developers to do the same. Best regards, ANT

  3. Oh, you really should try to use ISC in german. That is alot of fun. Not to think even about the amount of time it takes to do even the simpliest tasks. ISC is crap, enough said.

  4. Well, I agree: ISC is not usable... It's slow, unintuitive and doesn't let you do what *you* want (wizards! what a cr...).

    Since I've not found any TSM admin who likes ISC, why IBM is providing only this tool for administration?!

    I WANT THE OLD WEB INTERFACE. Was not perfect but ... it was working.


  5. Get's my vote that it the ISC sucks...fortunately, the company I contrract for has purchased TSM Manager, since we have four server envrionment today and a additional 8-10 TSM's to come.

    First mistake was letting Lotus developers develop the ISC.

    Second mistake was not buying out TSM

  6. Forgot to mention on the last post. You can still run the Web Browser in 5.3.

    Go to the FTP site (\storage\tivoli-storage-management and in the tools directory/folder, it will have the components and instructions to install.

    Just wanted to mention it in case..