Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Audit Occupancy Issue

2019 Update
IBM has resolved this issue with version 8.1.6 and higher. As of 8.1.6 the standard AUDIT LICENSE will update all clients whether they use standard or directory storage pools.

1/24/2018 Update 
IBM Support contacted me and stated that the developers said the issue was actually a defect (APAR IT23153) and that you can fix the issue by logging on the SP server as the instance owner and running the following commands:

  • db2 connect to tsmdb1
  • db2 set schema tsmdb1
  • db2 "update tsmdb1.sd_pool_clusters set physoccupancy=1 where physoccupancy=0"
  • login as admin to Spectrum Protect instance
  • run AUDIT LICense command
  • run Q AUDITOCCupancy command

You should now see the AUDITOCC table is populated.

 We setup a new Spectrum Protect instance with a Directory Container Storage Pool and when we went to gather storage data for billing purposes we discovered that the AUDITOCC table in the database showed no storage data. The first troubleshooting step was to check to see if AUDITSTORAGE option was set to YES which it was. Then we reran the AUDIT LICENSE command to have Spectrum Protect audit the storage and after completing there was still no data in the AUDITOCC table. I contacted IBM and asked for support to tell me why I had no data in my AUDITOCC table and was met with level 1 support unable to provide an answer (which was probably due to them not knowing my servers full configuration). When the PMR was passed up to the chain to level 2 support and they reviewed the log details I sent in, they responded that DIRECTORY CONTAINER storage pools do not provide occupancy data to the AUDITOCC table. To gather the required data that the AUDITOCC table normally would provide you have to run the GENERATE DEDUPSTATS command.


Please note that there is nothing in the Spectrum Protect manuals that will inform you that DIRECTORY CONTAINER storage pools do not provide AUDITOCC table data. IBM Level 2 support has opened a PMR requesting that the documentation be updated for the QUERY AUDITOCC command. I am not sure if you can use a * with the node name and have GENERATE DEDUPSTATS but will be trying it today and will let you all know the results in the comments below.