Tuesday, April 21, 2020

End of the Road?

For those of you who come here periodically and are wondering why content has been lacking, I wanted to let you all know that it is due to my current employment situation. Currently my employer is in the process of replacing Spectrum Protect throughout the company with Commvault. Once the conversion has completed I will be released and so am currently looking for new employment. Since the 8.1.8 upgrade of our servers I have been working steadily on reporting and prepping for the conversion. The initial thought was that I would stay employed and transition to learning Commvault, but that turned out to not be the case. I have enjoyed managing ADSM/TSM/Spectrum Protect environments for the last 22 years but have seen a drop off of its use as IBM has retreated from marketing their products and moved more towards other areas of the IT field. As I have looked for jobs in the Spectrum Protect realm I have noticed that they are rarer than ever, especially with the current situation the world finds itself. I plan to leave the site and up and will post anything you the readers feel will benefit the Spectrum Protect community. Feel free to send me your article for review and if I feel it fits the nature of this website it will be posted. Unfortunately, unless things change I see myself transitioning into a new role with a cloud emphasis and posts here will end unless you all take over the mantle and provide other admins with advice and examples from your own experiences. I have enjoyed posting and helping the community since founding this website and wish you all success going forward.