Monday, June 15, 2009

Rosetta Stone for UNIX

Know AIX? Ever wonder what that simple command in AIX is on Solaris or HP/UX? Need to know what the command for tcp/ip management is in Linux compared to OS/X? Now you can! Check out this helpful website Rosetta Stone for UNIX. My boss passed this along a while ago and I thought I had passed it along to the community, but I cannot remember if I did. So, here is a great website for UNIX admins and those learning UNIX to help you transition from one vendor to another.

Friday, June 12, 2009

TSM Checkout and ACSLS Question

At Infocrossing we have a tape operations group and they handle the physical opening of the cap and insert returned tapes and removing tapes for offsite. Because of this I didn't realize (until I had to handle the checkout myself) that TSM is checking out my tapes by filling the cap and pausing, waiting for the operations people to take the tapes out, then resuming the eject. OK, normal process except I have two 40 tape cap doors. When an eject has more than 40 tapes I figured that TSM would use the next cap door when I leave a specific cap identifier out of the checkout command, but it does not use the alternate cap. Both caps are set to a priority higher than zero so I find it frustrating TSM only uses one cap door. ACSLS itself allows you to use 0,0,* and it will checkout to all available caps above priority zero, but TSM does not accept the *. So what am I missing here? Is it possible with TSM to use both cap doors and not have the checkout pause for the one cap to be emptied? I didn't see anything suggesting REMOVE=BULK is any different from REMOVE=YES. I searched Google but didn't fine what I was looking for, and didn't find anything on so any ideas? Here's an example of my command:


Whether I specify a cap door or not it only uses one of the two.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Windows 2003 Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Hotfixes

If you are need of VSS hotfixes checkout this page from IBM. I plan to add it to the link list...might start a list of links to patches and updates, but that could be difficult to keep current. I know this is an older reference but I needed the fixes recently and it seems the VSS issues don't go away, they just keep coming back with each patch of Windows.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Need a job? Willing to move to Boulder, CO?

So with the state of the economy and many people out of work it's good to know IBM is hiring. IBM is looking for solid TSM candidates for various accounts, the only caveat is that the positions require you work from the Boulder, CO IBM facility. So if you are willing to relocate yourself, consider contacting a friendly IT recruiter from Artech or CDI and let the hiring begin!