Friday, June 12, 2009

TSM Checkout and ACSLS Question

At Infocrossing we have a tape operations group and they handle the physical opening of the cap and insert returned tapes and removing tapes for offsite. Because of this I didn't realize (until I had to handle the checkout myself) that TSM is checking out my tapes by filling the cap and pausing, waiting for the operations people to take the tapes out, then resuming the eject. OK, normal process except I have two 40 tape cap doors. When an eject has more than 40 tapes I figured that TSM would use the next cap door when I leave a specific cap identifier out of the checkout command, but it does not use the alternate cap. Both caps are set to a priority higher than zero so I find it frustrating TSM only uses one cap door. ACSLS itself allows you to use 0,0,* and it will checkout to all available caps above priority zero, but TSM does not accept the *. So what am I missing here? Is it possible with TSM to use both cap doors and not have the checkout pause for the one cap to be emptied? I didn't see anything suggesting REMOVE=BULK is any different from REMOVE=YES. I searched Google but didn't fine what I was looking for, and didn't find anything on so any ideas? Here's an example of my command:


Whether I specify a cap door or not it only uses one of the two.


  1. remove=bulk does not prompt and will complete the list whereas remove=yes will prompt awaiting tape removal

  2. I am aware of how remove=bulk or yes work with standard libraries but my problem is that a remove does not use multiple cap doors which would be very helpful with large checkouts.

  3. Those cap doors would need to be configured on the library as IO slots for TSM to checkout to them.
    I have a TS3310 I had done this with for a mass checkout.

  4. Remember I have ACSLS so the ACSLS server manages the cap. The library does see the caps, as evident when I do a Q CAP on the ACSLS server. I haven't seen anything that allows me to "virtualize" the cap doors into one large cap, although ACSLS does allow a wild card for its eject which WILL eject tapes to all the caps above priority 0 (usually cap with priority 0 is the single slot cap door). Unfortunately, from my experience, TSM doesn't allow passing the wildcard with its checkout command.

  5. What version of ACSLS?