Sunday, April 20, 2008

mRemote Is The Winner!

I would like to thank Drew D. for directing me to the mRemote tabbed multi-client utility, it is truly great! Not only does it do tabbed PuTTY sessions, but also Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS, Citrix, RDP, VNC, RAW, and Rlogin. It also supports arranging connections by folders and allowing new connections to inherit the settings from the folder they are placed within for faster use. There is also a portable version for those that want to run it from a USB stick or memory card. Check it out!

If anyone else thinks there are better free utilities out there please feel free to post a comment telling us about it/them.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TSM DB Dump Load Audit

There's nothing quite like the smell of TSM database structure issues in the morning.Only run through this proceedure if you are sure you have DB structure issues.

Here are the instructions on running a dump/load/audit.
1. Make a copy of the following files:
- dsmserv.opt
- dsmserv.dsk
- volhist (volume history file)
- devconfig (device configuration file)
2. Set the following options in your dsmserv.opt file:
3. Define a file devclass un... click here to read the full article