Thursday, March 22, 2007

Adventures In ISC Hell

I just tried to upgrade the ISC from 5.3 to 5.4 and it failed misserably. It gave me JVM errors and I could not uninstall the previous version. I had to reimage the windows server and install from scratch. Since installing from scratch I notice that nothing has been done to help with usability with the Admin Center. Most items go off the screen and to be honest IBM should fire the Admin Center project managers for not doing any usability testing. Most items go off the screen and the average 1024x768 user can not serious use it to help with productivity. This has to go down in the anals of App interfaces as one of the biggest blunders in recent history. Heads should be rollong but more than likely bonuses were doled out!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Don't Say I Never Help My Fellow Admins!

Well I thought I would put up a link to IBM's developerWorks website since it has a plethora of free tutorials and trainings. There's everything from AIX to Linux with all the shell and script bliss in between. What?!? No windows stuff you ask? We don't need no stinking Windows! IBM even posted web based training for working towards LPI (Linux Professional Institute) certification. Then there is a great reference for all those looking to get some sort of SAN certification. Well SNIA is the SAN certification standard so check out the link as it points right to all their tutorials by business professionals. They are not necessarily geared towards the certification but can be helpful. The links are on the left under Tutorials.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Answering My Own Question!

So I asked previously what would cause file level restore information to go to the TSM activity log. Well it turns out the nice people at IBM-Tivoli have added a new TSM server option that sends restore information to the activity log so restores can be monitored from the server. No longer do you need to sit and watch the client session information to see progress, now you can check the activity log and see EVERY file being restored. To be honest I am not sure whether I like this or or not. The verdict is still out! You tell me what you think.

Oh yeah the option is:


Monday, March 05, 2007

TSM Client Restore/ActLog Issue

So one of my colleagues kicked off a restore and upon doing an ActLog query for an unrelated issue it was noticed that every file restored was reporting in the TSM ActLog. Does anyone know why when I run a restore the ActLog is listing every file restored for a Windows client? I have never seen this happen before and not sure what setting is allowing it. Is this new in one of the 5.3.x releases or am I missing something? This can have a huge impact on ActLog size so I am a little concerned. I am used to seeing this in the DSMSCHED.LOG not the TSM ActLog.