Monday, November 24, 2008

LAN-Free Unknown Feature

My boss brought this article to my attention so I thought I would pass it on. It discusses an unknown or little discussed capability of LAN-Free to act as a "pass-thru" server for other clients. In other words a normal client can connect to TSM through the LAN-Free agent that resides on another server. Basically the Storage Agent becomes a dummy TSM server. This can be helpful when you have backups that need to go to tape directly but the network connection between the client and the TSM server is hurt by inadequate bandwidth between switches, or firewall issues. You can check the article out here. I remember seeing this discussed on before, but have never attempted to try it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Texas Government Pulls Plug on IBM

Well if you get a chance check out this article on ZDnet. It looks like IBM is losing the Texas government account due to backup failures and lost data. Having previously worked for IBM what I would like to know is what is not being said. When IBM takes over an account on an outsourcing deal they have to assume the horrible practices already in place then do their best to convert to a better software/hardware solution and processes. For example when I was with IBM we had a remote site that was using Arcserve for their backups and had two weeks worth of tapes. A couple months into the contract they lost a server and needed to restore the data and guess what...they couldn't. The process in place was for them to rotate two weeks worth of tapes continually. The tapes were four to five years old and had never been tested. They found out after the fact that the tapes had gone bad some time in the past and they were pretty much out of luck. Is this IBM's fault? They took some of the blame even though IBM was only a couple months into the contract and the smaller remote sites were secondary in the process change timeline.

The Monring News did report the following:

In a Nov. 3 letter to the governor’s office, IBM acknowledges the company overreached by assuming responsibility for existing technological conditions that are inadequate, inconsistent and not sustainable.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

AIX Image Backup Performance Issue

I am running 3 simultaneous image backup jobs on an AIX server and the HBA only shows 20% utilized and my throughput sucks. I am using -imagetype=static and the FS's in questions are EMC clones split off and remounted to a new server. When I have done image backups before they were wicked not so much. Any ideas what I might have missed? I have an ACSLS STK 8500 with LTO-3 drives. Even over gig-ether I've seen better performance. We did check the CPU and memory usage and they are fine. Lots of I/O wait, not sure why I would see that with statc image backups.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TSM facebook Group

If you're on facebook and would like to network with other TSM admins check out the new TSM group. It's currently looking to grow and can allow us all to network for information, jobs, tips, and just getting to know each other. Thanks to Henrik Wils for creating it!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

EMC Backup Advisor

I am currently working a project to install and setup EMC Backup Advisor in our environment. If anyone has experience with the product I'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions. So far it seems like it can monitor almost anything. Hopefully it doesn't become such a huge/complex tool that we'll spend half our time trying to manage it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Layout Issue

For anyone who liked the Table Of Contents feature, I have had to temporarily remove it because the javascript was not playing nice with IE or Firefox (at least not on my system). The only browser that handled it correctly was Google Chrome. I hope to have it back soon, I liked the feature.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The BACKUP VM command is not supported on this client (ANS1184W)

Just a heads up, so others don't run into this - TSM Integration w/VCB is not supported on x64.
As per this posting to ADSM-L by Andy many months ago:
At the time 5.5 VCB support was being developed, the 64-bit VMware VCB framework was not available (though I think one has since been introduced). So TSM support is currently 32-bit Windows 2003.

Good news is that 'backup vm' works on the x64 platform when using the x32 client.

x64 binaries - v5.5.1.0 - C:\progra~1\tivoli\tsm\baclient
x32 binaries - v5.5.1.0 - C:\progra~1\tivoli\tsm\baclient32

C:\progra~1\tivoli\tsm\baclient32.dsmc.exe backup vm -vmlist="fileserver[fileserver_fs]"

Storage Agent Device Issue

So one of my co-workers was tasked with figuring out why a drive was shown in TSM as being assigned to a storage agent when the storage agent was not actually using it (we had even restarted the agent and the library controller still showed the agent as owner of the drive). As it turns out there is an issue with down level TSM device drivers being used between an AIX TSM server and Windows Storage agents. You can find the APAR here. Here is a brief rundown of the problem.

After a review with the Windows and AIX Device Driver development team, it was determined that one of the Windows STA's placed a persistent registration on a drive, failed the persistent reservation, and then failed to release the registration during the recovery path. The registration causes a problem for AIX but not Windows due to the differences in SCSI 2 and SCSI 3 used by Windows and AIX. This hasbeen fixed and the recommendation was to upgrade to the current Windows Device Driver - If you are not at or higher, this is most likely your causing your problem.
You can download the latest driver from here:
Here is the tsm apar I mentioned:

Monday, September 01, 2008

Defaults should never be trusted

I've performed a few audits recently and this one keeps popping up, again and again!

Please be aware that the defaults provided when defining a new storage pool will turn on collocation by GROUP. If this default is specified and no collocation groups are defined then the TSM server will collocate data by NODE!

Pleasant little surprise eh?

Specifies whether the server attempts to keep data belonging to a single client node, group of client nodes, or client file space stored on as few volumes as possible. This parameter is optional. The default value is GROUP.

If you specify COLLOCATE=GROUP but do not define any collocation groups or if you specify COLLOCATE=GROUP but do not add nodes to a collocation group, data is collocated by node.

It never hurts to double check everything, here's some queries I use all the time to sanity check collocation: (replace the stgpool_name as needed)
  • select stgpool_name, access, collocate, maxscratch, reusedelay from stgpools
  • select count(distinct node_name) as "Number of Nodes", volume_name from volumeusage where stgpool_name='%_TAPE' group by volume_name order by "Number of Nodes" desc
  • select count(distinct volume_name) as "Number of Tapes", node_name from volumeusage where stgpool_name='%_TAPE' group by node_name, stgpool_name order by "Number of Tapes" desc
  • select count(distinct volume_name) as "Number of Tapes", node_name, stgpool_name from volumeusage group by node_name, stgpool_name order by "Number of Tapes" desc

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mislabeled Tapes Headache

I am periodically running into a situation where TSM will check in our tapes as private or relabel them to private, causing me headaches until I get the tapes status updated. So how do you identify the tapes that are mislabeled? Well if you have setup a library controller instance (which I recommend even if you will only have one instance for clients) then this script should work for you. What you will find when tapes are mislabeled is that they will show the library controller as their owner, will have a NULL value for LAST USE, and will of course be in private status. So a simple select statement can identify them for use.

select VOLUME_NAME from LIBVOLUMES where volume_name not in (select volume_name from volumes) and status='Private' and last_use is NULL and owner=''

If your library uses different types of media (LTO-2 and LTO-3) and you have different volume label series for them you can add another filter to further refine the results. For example my LTO-3 tape labels all start with L3 so I use:

select VOLUME_NAME from LIBVOLUMES where volume_name not in (select volume_name from volumes) and status='Private' and last_use is NULL and owner='' and volume_name like 'L3'

Once TSM has generated a list you can then run it through a while loop to reset their status or do further refining of the list if you like. If you are proficient with scripts you can automate the whole process and make life a lot easier.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rebinding Archives

I would like to thank Nate Tade for allowing me to link to his article on how to extend (rebind) the retention for archives due to expire. I haven't had to extend archives so this is a good "How To". You can find the article by clicking the title of this post or going here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Phantom Drive

We recently experienced an issue with a drive that we could not remove or force delete. What was happening is that TSM continually tried to dismount a volume from this drive but failed. The tape it was trying to dismount was in its home slot and not in the drive and the drive showed idle in ACSLS. TSM would not let us remove the path for it so we could not eliminate the problem. We tried a reboot and the dismount retries came up with the TSM server and NOTHING could get rid of the issue. Even turning the drive off in the library did not eliminate the "phantom" dismount attempt by TSM (We even removed the device from AIX to no avail). So did my manager finally find to be the issue? It turned out to be an incorrect WWN for the drive. How it got changed we have no idea...but it did and it caused days worth of headaches and flooded the activity log with errors. So it you ever come across a "phantom" drive check the WWN and make sure you don't suffer as we did.


I wish to apologize to everyone for the lack of new content. I am currently going through a divorce and it has sapped my time and my desire to write. I have 4 kids that come first and I might not be posting much until things settle down. I do have one item I will share concerning the phantom drive issue we were experiencing. Hang in there with me and I'll get back to posting items more frequently.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Useful SQL statements

Here is a grand list of TSM SQL statements that you can use in your daily report. Excellent work by Thobias, thank you very much.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Issue With NAS Path

I'm hoping someone else has seen this weird behavior with NAS paths and can shed some light on the issue. What I am currently experiencing is constant errors issuing to the actlog of my library controller instance caused by a failed mount/dismount for an NDMP backup. The TSM instance has been rebooted and the path put offline but I am still getting these errors:

05/15/2008 14:51:18 ANR9999D pvrremot.c(488): ThreadId <32> The PVR remote
descriptor is NULL.(SESSION: 24492)
05/15/2008 14:51:18 ANR9999D ThreadId <32> issued message 9999 from: (SESSION:
05/15/2008 14:51:18 ANR9999D ThreadId <32> 0x0000000100025bf4 outDiagf
(SESSION: 24492)
05/15/2008 14:51:18 ANR9999D ThreadId <32> 0x00000001004cd380
PvrRemoteOpenDrive (SESSION: 24492)
05/15/2008 14:51:18 ANR9999D ThreadId <32> 0x000000010025193c
PvrOpenTapeDrive@AF144_48 (SESSION: 24492)
05/15/2008 14:51:18 ANR9999D ThreadId <32> 0x0000000100245a0c
PvrOpenTapeDrive (SESSION: 24492)
05/15/2008 14:51:18 ANR9999D ThreadId <32> 0x0000000100245930 PvrOpenDrive
(SESSION: 24492)
05/15/2008 14:51:18 ANR9999D ThreadId <32> 0x00000001002a0150 MgrGetIdleVol
(SESSION: 24492)
05/15/2008 14:51:18 ANR9999D ThreadId <32> 0x00000001002a0e78 PerformDismount
(SESSION: 24492)
05/15/2008 14:51:18 ANR9999D ThreadId <32> 0x00000001002a0850
PerformDismountNow (SESSION: 24492)
05/15/2008 14:51:18 ANR9999D ThreadId <32> 0x00000001002a0d24 DismountThread
(SESSION: 24492)
05/15/2008 14:51:18 ANR9999D ThreadId <32> 0x000000010000fe5c StartThread
(SESSION: 24492)
05/15/2008 14:51:18 ANR9999D ThreadId <32> 0x090000000040f448 _pthread_body
(SESSION: 24492)

The problem is that support wants me to reboot my Powderhorn, which is just not feasible. ACSLS is not showing anything in the drive and that the drive is available so I don't see how it's a library/ACSLS issue.

Friday, May 09, 2008

My Lack of Recent Posts

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I would like to let all TSMExpert visitors know I am currently going through some personal issues that have been very hard on me and have been and will continue to take my attentions elsewhere for the next few months. I thank those contributing in the meantime in advance and hope to get back to blogging as soon as I can.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

mRemote Is The Winner!

I would like to thank Drew D. for directing me to the mRemote tabbed multi-client utility, it is truly great! Not only does it do tabbed PuTTY sessions, but also Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS, Citrix, RDP, VNC, RAW, and Rlogin. It also supports arranging connections by folders and allowing new connections to inherit the settings from the folder they are placed within for faster use. There is also a portable version for those that want to run it from a USB stick or memory card. Check it out!

If anyone else thinks there are better free utilities out there please feel free to post a comment telling us about it/them.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TSM DB Dump Load Audit

There's nothing quite like the smell of TSM database structure issues in the morning.Only run through this proceedure if you are sure you have DB structure issues.

Here are the instructions on running a dump/load/audit.
1. Make a copy of the following files:
- dsmserv.opt
- dsmserv.dsk
- volhist (volume history file)
- devconfig (device configuration file)
2. Set the following options in your dsmserv.opt file:
3. Define a file devclass un... click here to read the full article

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tabbed SSH/Telnet Client

As a system admin I am using an SSH terminal (PuTTY in most cases) and hate switching between the multiple open sessions I have. So in my search for a tabbed SSH client that was FREE (since I am cheap) I came across two options that fit the bill. The first product is a freeware telnet/ssh terminal utility called Poderosa that is not bad and I use it periodically. I must say that I am a PuTTY fan so I really hoped someone had written a tabbed PuTTY client, but I could not find one. I did, however, come across a nice little utility that lets me have my PuTTY and tabs's called WinTabber and it grabs open windows and places them in tabs within its container window. To better understand I suggest you check out the screenshot on the website. If you have a tabbed based ssh client you would recommend that is free (again because I am cheap) then post a comment and leave a link so I can check it out.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

TSMExpert Issues

I am continually frustrated with the load speed of TSMExpert and am considering going with someone other than Google Blogger to host the site. The problem is cost...although I use Google Adsense I have only made $100 since starting this site three years ago. So who would you suggest for quality hosting, low cost, and ability to keep TSMExpert easy to use?

Monday, March 24, 2008

TSM 6.1 on the horizon?

You can read: ..."You'll now be able to run On-line, automated reorganization of the Tivoli Storage Manager database and have real-time database integrity validation." Hurray!
I'm a little afraid of: "An improved administrative experience with a faster installing, better performing, smaller footprint Administration Center. More intuitive navigation for client tasks with a new global client node view and fast path to client node creation."

I'm curious what you expect from the new version!

/* A great built in licence calculator also would be good... ;-) is this such a big request? */

Thursday, March 20, 2008

TSM License Pricing

What's up with IBM license pricing being insanely high? It doesn't help when the Netbackup reps are willing to give their product away (free Crap is still Crap!). I've heard of numerous HUGE accounts looking into Netbackup, and with Symantec basically giving it away, how do you stop management from considering it? With IBM's pricing out of control it doesn't help. I sure hope IBM reconsiders their's forcing people off of TSM.

Windows 5.5. TSM Client Crashing

I ran into a problem today with a Windows 2003 32-bit client scheduler crashing with the ANS1009W DRM FilesNotToBackup RC 13 error. It is caused by malformed values in the Windows registry key that lists the default files to exclude. I had never seen this error before but it was happening with the base 5.5 client. When I had the Win Admin apply the patch the problem was resolved. All attempts at trying to fix the registry entries manually were unsuccessful, so I would suggest applying the patch if you experience this problem.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Phantom Session

I recently ran into a problem trying to update an Exchange TDP's password. When we would try to update the password on the TSM server we were presented with an error stating that the password could not be updated due to the client being in session. Strange thing was that it was NOT in session. We waited thinking maybe it was a residual transaction taking place in the log or DB for the TDP, but after some time we realized it was not going to clear up. It actually took a reboot of the TSM server to allow the resetting of the TDP's password. Anyone seen this on 5.4.1? If so let me know what if anything you did to clear it up.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tivoli Storage Manager v5.5...

REPOST: I think this article from Flex is a good one to keep on the front page since TSM 5.5 migrations are only going to continue. Check the comments for solutions to this problem.

Today afternoon I had a little time and tried the brand new v5.5 client on MS Windows platform (x32) and got this error message in the dsmerror.log:
"ANS1009W An error occurred processing the operating system include/exclude statements.
The error was detected while processing: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\BackupRestore\FilesNotToBackup\DRM. RC = 13."

I didn't want to believe what I saw. This funny message still exists.
Here is the solution from IBM: ANS1009W DRM FilesNotToBackup RC 13
/* Edit the registry manually... this is the solution in the 21st century... */

Do you have this problem? Here in Hungary, all Windows servers are affected...

I like the TSM concepts itself but I don't even want to think about what ISC 5.5 will be like... ;-)

I really miss the 64bit HSM and Journal on MS Windows (we got only Online image and Open file), where is the IBM 3494 support on HP-UX Itanium (I don't understand why this is a problem for a developer? Someone could really explain it...), on the fly db reorg function (ESTIMATE DBREORGSTAT - What a solution? ), ... but the restartable server-to-server export/import sounds good.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

LPI Linux Certification Tutorials

I have updated the link to the LPI Tutorials from IBM so it goes to the page with just the topics covered in tests 101, 102, 201, and 202. I myself an looking into certifying on Linux and AIX so check these out. It can't hurt they're FREE!

FYI - You can find even more tutorials covering Linux at IBM DeveloperWorks.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ACSLS Label Problem

For the first time in many many months our ACSLS library has experienced some problems and one that is perplexing is a LABEL LIBVOLUME issue. When a LABEL LIBVOL is run it is coming back with a SUCCESSFUL result code but the tape does not get checked into the library. I do have CHECKIN=SCRATCH in the command, but that part of the proceedure is failing due to the library stating it is unable to open the drive on eject (the tape does eject, however). So the tape does get labeled but not checked in. When I run a CHECKIN LIBVOL command the tapes are then found and listed as in the LIBVOL inventory. Anyone every seen this? I am having the tape drive looked at, but TSM returning the process as SUCCESSFUL is disconcerting. This is definitely a TSM flaw that I plan to address with support.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Migrating To A Library Controller Instance

For those of you who use a shared library environment, but do not have a dedicated TSM library controller instance, now is the time to make the change. I know many of you figured it was to hard or risky to try but that is no longer the case. IBM has just release a Redpaper that will help you move your library controller to a dedicated instance. The new Redpaper is called:

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager: How to Migrate the Library Manager Function

I made the switch years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. Have to control the library with a production instance was a headache. If the servers came down the time it would take to come back up due to log cleanup made it frustrating and problematic for other instances that could come up more quickly. Now with a dedicated library controller instance I don't have to worry about production servers waiting for the library to come back up since the library controller is small and fast when restarting. Check out the paper it even provides scripts to help ease some of the headache involved.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

REPOST: ACSLS Shared Library Checkout Script

For those with a shared ACSLS TSM library looking for a checkout script, I thought I would repost this so it would be easier to find.

Here is a basic rundown of what the script does.

  • On each library client DRM checks the tapes out with a REMOVE=NO option and creates a file with a list of the tapes.
  • On the library manager the tapes are checked back into the library.
  • The Library manager then checks every library clients DRM tapes out.
I know it sounds complex but it's not. It also is not perfect so you will need to keep on top of it, but don't worry it is not so bad that it's a headache. Some explaination is required also; In my environment I have 7 TSM instances and the firsts is just a library controller. This is why the following script starts at TSMSERV2 and stops the loop after TSMSERV7. Also note that the pipe sysmbol will not show up for some reason so you need to add it before the grep statements. Before you use the script you will also notice that it uses a TSM macro. Create the file by putting the following command into a macro called move_drmedia.mac.

move drm * so=dbb wherestate=mo tostate=vault remove=no CMD=&VOL CMDFILE=/usr/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/Vol_List APPEND=YES WAIT=YES
move drm * so=dbb wherestate=vaultr tostate=onsiter

=-=-=-=-= Below Starts Checkout Script =-=-=-=-=


cd /usr/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin

ADSMID=`cat /usr/local/scripts/ADSMID`
ADSMPASS=`cat /usr/local/scripts/ADSMPASS`

cp /usr/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/Vol_List /usr/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/Vol_List.bak

cat /dev/null > /usr/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/Vol_List

printf "Use this list to determine tapes that are to go offsite report any discrepancies to the Recovery Services Team.\n\n" > $OFFSITE
printf " \n\n" >> $OFFSITE
printf "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-\n\n" >> $OFFSITE
printf " Tapes to be sent offsite\n\n" >> $OFFSITE
printf " Current as of: `date`\n\n" >> $OFFSITE
printf "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-\n\n" >> $OFFSITE

printf "Use this list to determine tapes that are to come back onsite from Iron Mountain for reuse. Report any discrepancies to the Recovery Service Team.\n\n" > $RETRIEVE
printf " \n\n" >> $RETRIEVE
printf "********************************************************\n\n" >> $RETRIEVE
printf " Tapes to be brought back onsite from Iron Mountain\n" >> $RETRIEVE
printf " and placed back into TSM library for scratch.\n\n" >> $RETRIEVE
printf " Current as of: `date`\n\n" >> $RETRIEVE
printf "********************************************************\n\n" >> $RETRIEVE

while [ $I -lt 8 ]

dsmadmc -id=$ADSMID -password=$ADSMPASS -servername=$S -dataonly=yes "select volume_name from drmedia where state='MOUNTABLE' " grep L[0-3] >> $OFFSITE

dsmadmc -id=$ADSMID -password=$ADSMPASS -servername=$S -dataonly=yes "select volume_name from drmedia where state='VAULTRETRIEVE' " grep L[0-3] >> $RETRIEVE

dsmadmc -id=$ADSMID -password=$ADSMPASS -servername=$S 'macro move_drmedia.mac'

sleep 120

I=$(( $I + 1 ))

dsmadmc -id=$ADSMID -password=$ADSMPASS -servername=TSMSERV-1 'CHECKIN LIBVOL TSMLIB search=yes stat=private checklabel=no vollist=FILE:/usr/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/Vol_List'

sleep 180

dsmadmc -id=$ADSMID -password=$ADSMPASS -servername=TSMSERV-1 'CHECKOUT LIBVOL TSMLIB vollist=FILE:/usr/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/Vol_List'

mail -s "TDC Daily Tape Checkout" $HN tape_rpt < $OFFSITE

mail -s "TDC Daily Tape Return" $HN tape_rpt < $RETRIEVE

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

ACSLS Revisited

I have now been using an ACSLS enabled SUN/STK Powderhorn library with 30 LTO-3 drives for 18 months now and I have done a complete turn-around on my attitude towards the product. Although ACSLS is not as easy to initially work with as a web based interface, once you get the hang of the product it acutally is quite easy to work with. I have had one issue where we had to restart the ACSLS server, but other than that this library and ACSLS have been a lot less of an issue than any of the 3584's I worked with at IBM (don't worry I still love the 3584's). This library, although old, is very robust and has been a solid performer. So I must openly state I am not an ACSLS hater as I once was, and I would like to see some web implimentation, but overall it's turned out to be a solid product to work with.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Backupset TOC

I wanted to clear up an error in a statement I made either here or about backupset TOC's. I previously thought that the TOC for a backupset was not portable. I was wrong. After looking into the DEFINE BACKUPSET command I realized that a TOC can be generated for a backupset after the fact. This feature helps make it more portable and requires that a TSM server be available to store the TOC. A TSM server is required to rebuild the TOC, but if the backupset is meant to be portable you can skip the TOC creation locally and allow the alternate TSM server to create it when you define the backupset to it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

TSM Express Flaw!

I don't know how many of you readers use TSMExpress but there is a flaw that has been identified by IBM. ComputerWorld has a description of the flaw here. So if you do have TSMExpress in use make sure you look into this.

VSS issues on Windows

October last year I blogged about VSS issues on Windows. Here is another link which may help troubleshooting;


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Suggestions

We here at TSMExpert are looking for topics for the coming year. If you have a TSM related topic you would like discussed let us know by posting a comment below and we'll consider all suggestions. If you have a wish to contribute a post on a specific topic all you need to do is send me an e-mail here with the information and we'll gladly consider it (I am always looking for contributors to

Bare Metal Restore

All the best for 2008
Bare Meal Restore - Put simply

For W2K the TSM dsm.opt DOMAIN ALL-LOCAL is the default, this will include
SYSTEMOBJECT backup for incrementals.

Backup Commands:
dsmc incr

TSM Windows 2000 restore steps:
1. Repartition, format harddrive
2. Install W2K, set computername to original
3. Install appropriate W2K Service Pack
4. Install tsm ba client
5. dsmc restore c:\ -replace=all -subdir=yes
6. dsmc restore systemobject
7. Reboot

Ryan Partington