Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Storage Agent Device Issue

So one of my co-workers was tasked with figuring out why a drive was shown in TSM as being assigned to a storage agent when the storage agent was not actually using it (we had even restarted the agent and the library controller still showed the agent as owner of the drive). As it turns out there is an issue with down level TSM device drivers being used between an AIX TSM server and Windows Storage agents. You can find the APAR here. Here is a brief rundown of the problem.

After a review with the Windows and AIX Device Driver development team, it was determined that one of the Windows STA's placed a persistent registration on a drive, failed the persistent reservation, and then failed to release the registration during the recovery path. The registration causes a problem for AIX but not Windows due to the differences in SCSI 2 and SCSI 3 used by Windows and AIX. This hasbeen fixed and the recommendation was to upgrade to the current Windows Device Driver - If you are not at or higher, this is most likely your causing your problem.
You can download the latest driver from here:
Here is the tsm apar I mentioned:

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  1. Chad,

    I'm a former Student of yours from many years back when you taught at MUX in Phoenix. I'm currently working as a TSM administrator and was the one that finally got this PMR resolved with this APAR. It took a long time to convince IBM development it was related to STG agents and SAN discovery. Not sure what others have found but my experience with SAN Discovery in a large enterprise environment has not been good.

    Just wanted to say Hello and thank you for your excellent training.

    Jack D.