Tuesday, February 05, 2008

ACSLS Revisited

I have now been using an ACSLS enabled SUN/STK Powderhorn library with 30 LTO-3 drives for 18 months now and I have done a complete turn-around on my attitude towards the product. Although ACSLS is not as easy to initially work with as a web based interface, once you get the hang of the product it acutally is quite easy to work with. I have had one issue where we had to restart the ACSLS server, but other than that this library and ACSLS have been a lot less of an issue than any of the 3584's I worked with at IBM (don't worry I still love the 3584's). This library, although old, is very robust and has been a solid performer. So I must openly state I am not an ACSLS hater as I once was, and I would like to see some web implimentation, but overall it's turned out to be a solid product to work with.

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