Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ACSLS Label Problem

For the first time in many many months our ACSLS library has experienced some problems and one that is perplexing is a LABEL LIBVOLUME issue. When a LABEL LIBVOL is run it is coming back with a SUCCESSFUL result code but the tape does not get checked into the library. I do have CHECKIN=SCRATCH in the command, but that part of the proceedure is failing due to the library stating it is unable to open the drive on eject (the tape does eject, however). So the tape does get labeled but not checked in. When I run a CHECKIN LIBVOL command the tapes are then found and listed as in the LIBVOL inventory. Anyone every seen this? I am having the tape drive looked at, but TSM returning the process as SUCCESSFUL is disconcerting. This is definitely a TSM flaw that I plan to address with support.


  1. Chad,

    Is been awhile since I worked with ACSLS but have to checked the settings in the elm.conf file?
    I seem to rememeber there may have been a few that delt with tape drive timeouts etc.

    Bob M.

  2. I don't think it is a timeout issue since the error occurs when the tape is ejecting...overall timeframe is no more than 5 minutes per tape.