Thursday, March 20, 2008

Windows 5.5. TSM Client Crashing

I ran into a problem today with a Windows 2003 32-bit client scheduler crashing with the ANS1009W DRM FilesNotToBackup RC 13 error. It is caused by malformed values in the Windows registry key that lists the default files to exclude. I had never seen this error before but it was happening with the base 5.5 client. When I had the Win Admin apply the patch the problem was resolved. All attempts at trying to fix the registry entries manually were unsuccessful, so I would suggest applying the patch if you experience this problem.


  1. There was another serious bug in which affceted the image backup. It's also fixed in the


  3. Method 2 in the link from Anonymous is the best and fastest way to solve this problem, specifically remotely without the user being interrupted. I have seen this error on 5.4 as well as 5.5 clients, however in 5.4 clients it does not prohibit the node from backing up, as it does in the 5.5 client.