Thursday, June 04, 2009

Windows 2003 Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Hotfixes

If you are need of VSS hotfixes checkout this page from IBM. I plan to add it to the link list...might start a list of links to patches and updates, but that could be difficult to keep current. I know this is an older reference but I needed the fixes recently and it seems the VSS issues don't go away, they just keep coming back with each patch of Windows.

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  1. We are in the process of switching from Symantec Corporate to Forefront and discovered that we will have to exclude systemstate backups from now on. A manual systate backup would freeze, until I would stop the ForeFront service, then the backup would magically continue. If it happened during the nightly backup and the TSM and forefront services stayed in this state for a long time, neither of them would respond to restart leaving us with the only choice to reboot the servers.
    Not all of our servers with Forefront had this behavior, but enough of them to make me worried.
    We are not thinking about bare metal restores, the only reason we needed to backup systemstate was IIS, and AD. Here is the script I use to get the IIS metabase via "postschedcmd" in dsm.opt:
    Set dest="C:\Progra~1\Tivoli\tsmscript\MBBackup"
    for /f "Tokens=2-4 Delims=/ " %%a in ('date /t') do set mm=%%a&set dd=%%b&set yy=%%c
    set name=%yy%%mm%%dd%_%computername%
    cscript /nologo C:\WINDOWS\system32\iisback.vbs /backup /b %name%
    move /y %windir%\system32\inetsrv\metaback\%name%.* %dest%

    Hopefully it helps anyone experiencing the same problem.

    Microsoft never fails to disappoint...