Friday, August 04, 2006

TSM V5.4 Enhancements

TSM V5.4 Enhancements Selected for Beta Account Validation

Cluster Failover for TSM HSM for Windows (available October, 2006)

TSM Express to TSM Enterprise upgrade                  
Backupset Enhancements
  • Generate to a specified point-in-time

  • Improve  tracking,

  • Stack multiple nodes' data on a single set volumes,

  • Enable the client to display contents and allow selection of individual files for restore,

  • Support image data,

  • And more

Support for Windows Vista (available November, 2006)
Support for Intel based Macintosh systems

Using TSM Server as an NDMP Tape Server (Filer to Server to backup)
Create Media for offsite vaulting of NDMP Generate Data        

Reconciliation for TSM HSM for Windows  (available October, 2006)

Improved BA client memory usage
  • Note: Using the disk cache setting will require additional disk space. The disk cache file can exceed 4 gigabytes for a very large filesystem incremental backup. Therefore, if the filesystem does not support large files, the user will need to enable large file support for the filesystem or use the diskcachelocation setting to point to a filesystem that can support large files.
Collocation of active data
  • Enhancement provides a new type of storage pool for storing only active versions of backup client data.        
Administrator Center Enhancements Part 3
  • Update administrator password, cmd line applet, AUDIT LIBRARY/VOLUME, QUERY NODEDATA/MEDIA, MOVE NODEDATA/MEDIA

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  1. How does one qualify for this Beta Test/Eval software