Thursday, December 03, 2020

TSMAdmin Update

 I was laid off from work as of July 1st and in the process of looking for new employment I had to make the hard choice and give up the backup/TSM/Spectrum Protect area and branch out to other avenues due to limited opportunities being available. I applied for many TSM positions with companies who either wanted me to move or didn't even end up hiring. I tried getting back on with IBM but was never considered for interview with any of their Spectrum Protect positions. I won't lie, the Spectrum Protect opportunities appear to be drying up as IBM continues to fall in marketshare in the backup world. My previous employer laid me off as they switched to Commvault and there seemed to be more opportunities with Commvault or various cloud solutions.

What I did end up doing is passing the AWS Architect Associate certification and applying with various companies for cloud and related openings. I had a friend with a large online corporation inform me of an opening with his company so I applied and through a series of interviews was able to secure a position. This opportunity is as a Site Reliability Engineer and it has NOTHING to do with backups. So as I start my new phase of work I wish you all success and if anyone would like to take over this site please contact me and we can discuss a possible transition.  Thank you all for 15+ years of backup/TSM conversation.