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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Question On Image Backups

The image backup feature is a wonderful piece that really saves you when restore time is of the essence, but what do you do when SA’s decide to combine two drives into one and want to use TSM to do it? Well we decided to use the image from the larger drive then do a standard restore of the other drive afterwards. Since I have never done this and don’t restore images frequently something I was alerted to was the message from TSM that states that file system would be changed (the drive was now bigger for the combining of the data). Will the image resize the partition? I don’t recall TSM doing that but then again I can’t remember. Anyone who has done a lot of image backups (particularly to larger drives than what the image came from) input would be appreciated.


  1. Acronis True Image

  2. For some unknown reason TSM is not dynamic in that it will not see disk space beyond the image size when restored. It can be fixed if the disk is dynamic but if not dynamic you'd have to start from scratch. As for personal use I'm sure those tools are great but for us in a large enterprise I need to dump the images to tape and they can be huge (I have a number of 1+ TB volumes).

  3. Chad_Small,
    It means that you need specialized enterprise edition.
    Our company use it, so I could say that it's very reliable software just perfect for creatining backup image in huge company. Supports for SAN, NAS, RAID, tape drives, CD/DVD, network and other backup storage.

    Best regards,