Friday, October 14, 2005

NetApp TOC Issues

We have recently found out that the TOC file creation in TSM can fail when the NetApp volume has special characters in the filename.  The has led people to believe that the backups are unsuccessful and our group would be unable to restore data. That assumption could not be farther from the truth.  We can still restore an individual file, we just can’t load a graphical representation into the web based TSM client. Anyway, the response by Tivoli was that we could identify the file with the problem because an error will report when the TOC creation fails stating the filename that caused the problem.  So we would have to do this hundreds of times since we have, on our own, identified at least 400+ files with special characters. So I have good backups just can’t restore them easily, then the question is how does TSM react when trying to restore files with special characters?    

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  1. On a (barely) related note, we've had troubles in the past where users include an asterisk in the description field for archives. The files then do not show up in the gui, but are still accessible via command-line.