Wednesday, May 03, 2006

TSM 5.3.3 NDMP Issue!

We discovered a problem with TSM 5.3.3 and failed NDMP backups. It seemed to be occurring on large volumes. After investigating the issue support was called and through further investigation it was discovered that there is a bug in the implementation of TSM’s use of the NMDP 4 protocol. This bug will cause some NDMP backups to fail when the backup spans volumes (i.e. uses more than one tape to do the backup of the volume). The suggestion is to either stay at version 5.3.2 or to use the following option in the dsmserv.opt file:

(Note: there is no problem with data integrity of backups that show completed)


This option will use the older NDMP protocol and should resolve the failures until a fix is released.

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