Saturday, July 15, 2006

Shared Library Problem Solved?

Well after trying numerous things to get the problematic shared library working I finally got support on the line to fix this problem. The other day the problem reoccurred after about a week. I thought I had fixed the problem by changing the IP/VLAN the servers communicated over, and I thought it was until it all came crashing down. So I upgraded the problem instance to the same release level as the controller (controller has to be at or higher then the client servers). That didn’t fix it! I turned RESETDRIVES to NO and that didn’t do it either (Thanks for the advice Scott). So we got Tivoli on the line and Andy Ruhl with Tivoli support worked with us to identify the problem. First thing we did was check the ATAPE level and it turned out the controller was at a higher version. So we updated it to the same level as the controller. Then Andy found this APAR IC49066 which interestingly enough describes my problem. Turns out there was a known issue with this type of behavior and although it was due to be fixed in 5.3.4 it was added to the update. Supposedly the explanation states it occurs when the client is accessing two different controllers, but Andy stated it was a misprint and it applies to single controller instances as well. So we updated all 5 TSM servers to the fixed level and hope we don’t experience any more issues. So far so good!

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  1. There were several problem with shared library and lanfree environment... Check this.