Sunday, January 07, 2007

ANR0380W The database buffer pool recovered from an overcommit of 867 pages. Consider increasing your buffer pool size by 3468 kilobytes

This error occurs when the BUFPOOL is incorrectly sized or SELFTUNE is enabled and the server has been recently restarted - Check the following:
  • Is SELFTUNEBUFPOOLSIZE YES in use in the dsmserv.opt?

    tsm:> query opt
  • What is the default configured BUFPOOLSIZE?

    tsm:> query opt
  • What is the the current BUFPOOLSIZE and is SELFTUNE enabled?

    tsm:> query db f=d

    Multiply the buffer pool pages by 4096 and then divide by 1024.
On AIX if BUFPOOL is currently set to less than 10% increase the value by editing the dsmserv.opt, otherwise increase BUFPOOL by the amount specificied (3468K) and then restart the server.

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