Wednesday, February 14, 2007

5.4 Upgrade Yes/No?

After Geoffrey's post I thought I would ask all of you if anyone is planning on upgrading to the 5.4.0 release of TSM. When I was with IBM we tended to wait til the first point release, so I am wondering if anyone is really going to upgrade at this point? Also for those playing with the new release, did they improve the ISC or is it still a mess?


  1. The release actually occurred at a perfect time for as we had just purchased some new hardware and I was planning on building a new server. I've had a couple of days with it and so far I really like the changes. We use a lot of backupsets in my org. and the group backupsets are really going to be nice and save on tapes. I had heard that TDP Exchange backupsets are going to be supported now as well but I haven't found anything on that yet.

    As for the ICS I'm not sure. We use TSMManager.

  2. Hi,

    will run it in test environment for a while but want to migrate for sure. Active version STGPools and possibility to put multiple nodes as a backupset to single tape are tempting ....
    Moreover, 5.4 BA client for linux supports LVM2.0

    And 5.2 web interface still works :)

  3. i found in help of "generare backupset" that is possialble but you have to upgrade from TSM Express.

  4. I'm motivated to setup 5.4 to see how the NDMP offsite copies are handled.

  5. I always tell my customers to wait until the first maintenance release, so we'll all be waiting until (80% of all bugs occur in base releases.)