Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who Did What?

This weekend I had an issue with a backup failing on a client using LAN-Free. When checking the TSM actlog the error I kept seeing was:

ANR9999D (Session: 265500, Origin: OD0BG-UAX001-STA) mmsshr.c(3874): ThreadId<13> Unable to obtain model type for '/dev/rmt23', rc = 46(SESSION: 265500)

So I had a good idea that the client and TSM Storage Agent were having issues communicating. I knew this because I had seen this error before when the TSM client and TSM Storage Agent were not at the same release levels. Checking the TSM client I found it at and the Storage Agent at Turns out an admin upgraded the client without knowledge of the Storage Agent, causing the backup failures. This is an example of what can happen when someone tries elbow their way into another groups area without the knowledge to do it right.


  1. I'm pretty sure the TSM client can be at a different version than the storage agent. It is the TSM server and storage agent that need to be at compatible versions. The TSM client does not include tape device driver code, does it? A return code of 46 is "device not ready". I would suspect that the drive is malfunctioning or the device driver code (Atape, etc) has been changed. I think recently I have only seen that message when upgrading to newer tape drive models without also upgrading the device driver.

  2. I agree that the normally the STA and TSM server mismatch would be the issue, but the client in question had been backing up over the STA on a lower version to a 5.4.2 TSM server for months without a problem. The problem only occured when a UNIX admin upgrade the client and not the STA with it. Once I upgraded the STA everything started working again.