Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New TSM Management Tool

I have been informed of a new TSM management tool called TSM Studio. It looks pretty slick, but I won't lie, I haven't had a chance to use it yet. If you are looking for a TSM tool check it out. I plan on posting a quick overview of all the TSM tools in the near future. If you have experience with any TSM tool (i.e. TSMManager, TSM Explorer, TSM Studio, AutoVault, Servergraph, Aptare, Bocada, or EMC's DPA) and are willing to write up a review of the product, let me know and we'll publish it here for others to use when deciding on a tool for their own environment.


  1. I trust in my own solution based on Perl and sometimes TSMManager(historical data, cloptset editor, ...).

    What do you use to facilitate your daily work with TSM server?

  2. I use my own scripts but have used TSMManager in the past. I like its historical reports. I currently need a report to show disk pool utilization over the course of a couple weeks so I can get a good idea if they are over/under sized. TSMManager has this, but my company doesn't have a license for it. I tried Operational Reporting but it doesn't have the report I am looking for.

  3. I use Servergraph, as well as all the operators in the system for DRM tape swapping. I like it, but it has it's shortfalls. If you'd like I'll try to write something intelligent about it. hehe.