Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scalar i2000 Frustrations

So for any Scalar i2000 users out there, why is it at every D.R. test I have to reboot the library to get the robot to discover correctly? Is there an inherent issue with the internal switch? I have done 3 D.R. tests with i2000's and each time I have to get the D.R. site people to reboot the darn thing before I can detect the robot. What's up with that? How do those of you who use them daily like them? I get a bad taste in my mouth when I hear I have to use one. At least it had IBM drives in it.


  1. Dump the i2k and get a TS3500 if you have any way of doing so. The quantum libraries are overengineered and overly complex.

  2. You should not have to reboot it. Chances are that you are configuring the i2k's lun masking. The problem is that like disk, changing your lun maps does not send out an RSCN to the SAN. Without the RSCN, your server won't go search for any new devices.

    All you should need to do is force an RSCN. Usually the easiest way is to either unplug/replug the fibre cable or disable/enable the SAN port.

  3. Part 2, how do I like i2k?

    Reliability: IBM(by a hair), STK, ADIC
    Speed: STK, ADIC, IBM(very distant 3rd)
    Usability: STK, ADIC, IBM(distant 3rd)

    So for enterprise class, I prefer STK, but for smaller environments, either STK or ADIC boxes depending on requirements.

    Yes, IBM librarires are super reliable, but they are also super slow. If you have ever used an IBM box alongside either an STK or ADIC library, the difference in speed will end up driving you crazy.

    I have not worked with a TS3500 yet, so hopefully IBM has addressed that issue.

  4. Brijasher,

    You are right in that I should not have to reboot it, but I have found the D.R. sites personnel so lacking in knowledge that it is usually the easiest thing to do. The other frustrating piece is the D.R. site does not give us full access to the library hardware or I would have done it myself. Trying to walk their personnel through it is worse than a waterboarding session.