Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TSM 6.2 GUID Error

So when I and a co-worker were finishing up a TSM 6.2 install we ran into a problem running the tsmapipw command to set the $$_TSMDBMGR_$$ password. After investigating the error and search the web we realized the GUID was the problem and not our IP as was suggested in the following APAR.  The errors we received were:

ANR2987W Session ended because of machine GUID or local host IP
 address mismatch.
ANR0430W Session XXXX for node $$_TSMDBMGR_$$ (AIX) refused
 - node name is locked.

We tried various things and nothing seemed to correct the GUID issue. The TSM server started without any GUID related error (in fact it stated the GUID initialized successfully). So upon further searching we found this APAR that gives the solution.  What they state is that by adding the following line to the dsmserv.opt and restarting the server fixes the problem.


Once we added the line and restarted the TSM server the tsmapipw command ran successfully.

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