Sunday, October 02, 2011

TSM Symposium 2011, Dresden

Here's a picture:
Harry REDL, _flex, Norbert POTT


  1. Hi Chad,
    Can you post your impressions about the TSM Symposium? I've always been interested in attending, just haven't had the opportunity yet...


  2. Wish I could go to one. I hope to go to the 2013 symposium. Maybe _Flex or Harry can give us a review.

  3. Hi all,

    my experience is totally positive. TSM symposium consists of several parts
    1) vendor/partner presentations (mostly TSM management products - everyone feels the Admin Center needs to be replaced, VTLs, add-ons - like Cristie TMBR etc.)
    2) technical presentations - mostly held by IBMers (developers) - these people really know the TSM inside out (some of them are in the development team since ADSM times) - and these people do not use "marketing language"
    3) HOWTO sessions - useful tricks for daily work - Remco Post made an excellent presentation about moving TSM server 6.x from one machine to another (manual steps) in minutes - do you miss easy steps from the 5.x times (install the code, copy the configuration, reconnect TSM DB to the new machine, start)? If you know how, TSM 6.x is not much complicated (well, atleast for Remco it is not :) )
    4) meeting sessions :) where people stop being just an anonymous email address and become real ...

    So if you have an opportunity next time, just go.


  4. Hi guys,

    I need some guidance in order to accomplish a TSM Server 5.5 restore on DRP Site in different hardware. I Have DB being copied to the DRP Server, devconfig and Volhist. Both environments are configured with the same TSM server version, same Operating System (Windows) but the tape libraries are different, i have a TS3100 with 2 LTO 5 Drives on Production and a TS3200 with One LTO 5 Drive on DRP.

    The plan is to restore a SAP Server in the DRP Site, but for that i need to restore TSM database and only then go for the server.

    After restoring the database, setting TSM devices, what would be my next steps?
    Can i restore directly from offsite tapes?
    Do i need to restore tape pool first? How can i do this with only one drive? Is it possible?

    Please feel free to ask for some information that you consider relevant, i would be more much appreciated for any help.

    Best regards

    Francisco Batista