Wednesday, February 01, 2012

TSM Server 6.x - Move OS's

An interesting question was asked on on whether TSM 6.x could be moved from Windows to AIX since the DB is now DB2. I know DB2 has the db2move utility, but would TSM support this? Could you run that and copy all your needed config files? My thinking is that TSM still has too many distinct nuances that set it apart from real DB2 that it would not work, but I haven't heard whether it is supported. Anyone out there tried it?


  1. Matt ANGLIN ( said that this way hasn't been tested and that's why it isn't supported.

    We had several situations in the past when a client wanted to move from MS Windows or HP-UX to AIX and they couldn't.

    The only supported way is still export/import.

    I think there will be several tricks at the OS dependent device driver side and that's why this way is so insecure in a productive situation.

  2. Although unsupported, I tried a 5.5 on AIX to 6.2 on Linux migration via the insertdb method. It reportedly worked OK, and the Linux 6.2 version started OK, but I would get strange results and even abends running some queries (cannot remember exactly which ones now as it was several months ago).

    Based on that, plus yours and _flex's hypothesis about OS dependent content within the database, I believe a DB2 to DB2 copy/move across different platforms would run into the same sort of problems just across different flavours of Unix. Unix <-> Windows would just be very messy.

  3. Several new features are coming in v6.4 but this would also be an expected function in 2012, wouldn't it? ;-)