Friday, May 25, 2012

TSM 6.2.3 and Lower DB Reorg Issue

One of our TSM servers started to experience large numbers of "ANR0530W - internal server error detected messages."  With further investigation we identified that these were related to ANR0162W which are DB deadlock or timeout problems. These errors were causing our DB TDP backups to fail and I eventually called support. I provided our db2diag.log file and a dump of our actlog for the last 24 hrs. and they found the issue to be the DB2 reorg process was locking records and tables and creating the deadlock situation. The problem was compounded in that with TSM versions 6.2.3 or lower the DB2 reorg process cannot be schedule so it can kick off during backups or processes that can create these deadlocks. So to resolve the issue I was told I needed to upgrade our TSM server to 6.2.4 or higher. With TSM 6.2.4 and higher you can schedule the reorg process using the REORGBEGINTIME and REORGDURATION parameters to schedule the reorg within a window. You can see the details of the APAR here.

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