Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Oracle RMAN Catalogue Cleanup - Revisited

Over a Decade ago I wrote an article on Object cleanup due to the issues with RMAN and our DBA's not keeping it sync'd with TSM. I then revisited it in 2007 and since then have not had to use it much. With version 6 of TSM I have not worried about my DB size, or old data not expiring since TSM seems to handle it somewhat better than the older versions did. I recently had to use the command and realized that the delete object command as it was used in TSM 5 is not 100% correct for TSM 6. So when trying to use the old command

TSM v5

delete object 0 [Object ID Number]
The 0 is telling TSM how many dependent objects to delete (at least I believe that's what it does, I can't fully remember). But with TSM 6 you don't need to provide the dependent object count in the command.

TSM v6 and higher

delete object [Object ID Number]

This command works (although it can sometimes take awhile to complete the command). So using the correct select you can produce a list and delete the objects from TSM. Reclamation with return the space but my understanding is that this is an individual expiration process and remember it is not a command support will help you with. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Here is the select:

select 'delete object', object_id from backups where node_name=[TDP NODENAME] and
backup_date < '2007-06-01 00:00:00'

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