Tuesday, July 19, 2005

TSM Server Upgrade Issue

Just this last week I and a co-worker were trying to get a TSM 5.3 upgrade working. The server kept saying it needed the dsmserv upgradedb command run against it. Everytime we tried the DB upgrade failed with an TIVGUID error. Since it was eating into backup times we rolled back to 5.2.4. Unfortunately the dsmserv upgrade caused 5.2.4 to state that the DB was higher level and TSM could not work with it. This happened even though the upgrade on 5.3 failed. Since support had not responed at this time we restored the DB from a full+inc that was taken just before the upgrade (WHEW! LUCKY WE HAD THAT!). When Tivoli finally responded this is what we were told:

This is a know problem with the 5.3.0 upgrade.

From TSM Support:

The problem that you are probably experiencing is a known problem with the 5.3 upgrade. If an admin has an expired password, or if a password is too short for the 5.3 password enforcement, then the upgrade can fail. Here are some steps that usually fix the problem:

1) Disable AES using the hidden option AllowAES No in dsmserv.opt file.
2) Re-initiate the upgrade db
3) Start the server. Preferably lock out all sessions & other activity
4) Use show node to identify admin & node ids that have expired or have passwords that are too short. Fix these.
(4 Alternative) Set the minimum password length to 0
5) Halt the server
6) Remove the AllowAES option
7) Start the server -- this will upgrade the passwords to AES encryption in the background

If you follow these steps then the upgrade db will probably continue successfully.

After this, start the server in background as usually and run a db backup.


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