Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Volume History Issues

I have a very large shared library environment and currently have 3 TSM instances connecting to a 9 frame 3584. When I first configured this library we had one of the 3 instances running as the library controller (2 of the instances are on the same server the third is another system). The problems we ran into were numerous when we needed to do library maintenance since we adversely affected the server running as the library manager that was also a production TSM server for backups. So after a suggestion from Tivoli that we at least create a library manager instance we did so. It has helped a lot with handling tape issues, but one issue we were unaware of and had difficulty in resolving was with the volume history on the old library manager not releasing volumes listed as REMOTE. The new library manager could not force the old manager to "let go" of the tapes so they never were freed back into the scratch pool. We tried deleting all volumes of TYPE=REMOTE but it said it needed more parameters. Here is an example:

ANR2022E DELETE VOLHISTORY: One or more parameters are missing.

So no luck on that working to free up all the REMOTE tapes. I looked through the documentation on deleting volume history information and found nothing on REMOTE volumes. Also you'll notice there is nothing mentioned in the documentation that states individual volumes can be deleted. So we were in a serious jam. So I looked up the issue on and found the following command posted by a contributor.

DELete VOLHistory TODate=TODAY Type=REMOTE VOLume=NT1904 FORCE=Yes

This command allowed us to delete the individual volume and freed the tape to return to a scratch status. Thank goodness for or I'd never find the answer to half my problems. This command worked as advertised and the tapes were deleted from the old library managers volume history and they went back to a scratch status.


  1. Hi Chad Small

    Just found this same issue with TSM 6.3 in 2012. But thanks to your blog I solved the issue with deleting volhistory entries.


  2. Had same issue with TSM 5.5, thanks for the blog.

  3. Experienced this issue long time ago