Saturday, December 03, 2005


Well our group got stung again this last week. While working a HACMP implementation we were asked to install the Oracle TDP and TSM client. We installed the TSM client and all went well and we then installed the TDP and the DBA’s could not get the password file to generate. Each time they tried the utility would core dump. When trying to run the utility multiple ways it always core dumped. After calling support we were informed that the current 64-bit Oracle TDP (And from what I have found through Google it could be any 64-bit TDP). It seems they rebuilt HACMP version 5.3 and the TDP is not compatible with the new way it was compiled. There is a patch projected to be released as of end of the month, but we cannot wait that long so our options are to use temporary disk and mirror the DB, then break and backup the mirrored copy when we want to backup, or we can roll back to HACMP 5.2. The problem with the latter is that we basically have to rebuild the boxes. So be warned there are issues with the latest and greatest version of HACMP at this time.


  1. Chad,
    Correct me if I am wrong, HACMP 5.3 only effect TDPs...not the standard TSM Server it self..?

  2. Atif,

    You are correct. The 5.3 HACMP software was recompiled and is no longer compatible with the API. That was supposed to be corrected as of January but I am not sure if the fix has been released. Look for a patch or update to either be out or coming soon.

  3. I couldn't install TSM BA client on HACMP:
    Has anybody seen AIX 5.3 + HACMP 5.2 + TSM BA client working with CLUSTERNODE YES option. I always got this message: "ANS1476E CLUSTERNODE is set to YES but the Cluster Information Daemon is not started." but it's not true because the CLI damemon was started. I tried v5.2.4.5 and v5.3.4.0 32bit client.
    Any idea or comment?