Tuesday, December 06, 2005

System State Backup Issue

We recently had to rebuild a box (thank goodness it was not production) and found that the system state and objects had not backed up.  Stranger still there was no error stating they failed. In fact the only error was that the LVSA directory was not set and it would not be used during the backup.  Why would a failure to completely setup the LVSA affect the system objects and state? TSM doesn't require the LVSA to back them up.  We checked multiple systems and found this happening on more than one.  The client level we are on is 5.2.4 and higher.  Has anyone else experienced this?  BTW - The backup schedules were showing in the event log as COMPLETED not Failed.

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  1. My guess is you get the error on Windows Server 2003 without service pack 1. Am I right?