Sunday, January 29, 2006

TSM Express

I am awaiting the release of TSM Express and was wondering why it took so long to make a SMB version of TSM?  This segment is huge and a version that plays into the common Full + Incremental has been needed for some time. I have numerous sites where I could use Express and it will allow me to standardize on TSM as the backup tool. For those not aware TSM Express is a new TSM version due out in the 2nd quarter of 2006 that is very similar to Arcserve and BackupExec. It is a Windows only product that uses a log and DB although the DB has a 20GB limit. It follows the full plus incremental process most tools use in this segment and is suppose to be the new small business release. I would say it was a medium size business solution, but with a 20GB DB size limit that would be hard to support, especially in a Windows environment. I found this presentation through Google that discusses TSM Express along with TSM HSM. It’s worth a look.

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