Sunday, January 29, 2006

Great TSM Information

I found this great symposium presentation online that covers the future trends and directions of TSM and covers some of the topics I have been trying to get more information on. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Point-in-time backup sets

  • TOC generation for backup sets to allow file level restore

  • Differential backup sets

  • Application (TDP) backup sets

  • File level restores from Image Backups

  • Active Only Copy-Pools

  • Collocation of active data

  • Benefits of TSM conversion to DB2

My only complaint is why I never get any information from Tivoli? I work for IBM! Oh well, at least the info is out there for those of you like me who don’t get invited to Oxford University symposiums.  You can view the presentation or see the program with links to the various presentations given. I would like to thank the people responsible for posting this symposium online as it gave me a great deal to look forward to with TSM.


  1. Thanks for that link, some of the information addresses some changes I have planned for this year..

    Good stuff...

  2. Your Welcome! I was happy to find it as it is a treasure trove of info and helpful ideas.