Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oracle TDP and HACMP 5.3 Incompatibility Resolved

Well I was have a heck of a time with this problem. It seems the 5.3 HACMP binaries are incompatible with the Oracle 64-bit API so the TDP would crash when attempting to backup a DB on a cluster. I was expecting a fix and was told it would be available by January. So I waited, and watched and never saw an update to the TDP. Frustration mounted until I was able to get ahold of a TDP developer who pointed out that it was the HACMP side that had to do the patching and now all is well. So if you are looking to use HACMP and backup Oracle DB's with the TDP make sure they have the latest patch levels installed or the 64-bit API will not work.


  1. I'm glad I found your site which talks about the issues were having with HA 5.3 and TDP. The fix is not available for general download but you could reference APAR IY80002 64-BIT CLINFO APPLICATIONS COMPILED ON HA 5.2 FAIL ON HA 5.3 when calling in to support and they will provide you the location to download the package.

  2. Where can i get the info to implement TDP for oracle on the AIX HACMP environment? Please help me out on this issue.