Monday, April 03, 2006

TSM Client Issue!

I have been informed by Tivoli support personnel that a critical issue has been identified in the TSM backup/archive client that could affect data integrity. The issue involves the RESOURCEUTILIZATION option and how it works when backing up to tape. If you have RESCOURCEUTIL set higher than the default and the client backs up directly to tape there is an identified issue of data not being backed up, or archived, and incorrect deletion of files that were not archived without an error message being issued.

If any of the following conditions are met you are NOT affected by the problem:

  • The RESOURCEUTILIZATION client option is either not explicitly set, or is set to 1 or 2. This option can be set either in the client option set or schedule on the server, or in the local client options.

  • Data for the client node is only stored in random-access disk storage pools (such as the preconfigured storage pool, BACKUPPOOL).

  • Image backup is used.

  • NDMP backup (initiated by client or server) is used.

  • Only the API client is used (including programs and products that use only the API client - i.e. TDP's).

A fix is scheduled for release at the end of April, in the meantime make sure you either set any client using a higher RESOURCEUTIL value to 2, or send the client's backup to disk. Also note that any backup to disk using the FILE devclass is impacted by this problem as it affects all sequential media backup types.

I have provided a link to the APAR listing at the Tivoli website.

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  1. TSM has a documented problem with the VSC service in clients lower than 5.2.3 and I would suggest an upgrade of both the server and the client to the 5.3.2+ level to guarrantee a fix to the problem.