Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Does anyone know the answer to this question? I have an EMC Clariion and it looks like the easiest way to backup some problem file systems is by NDMP. Does EMC Clariion support NDMP? Is there any specific configuration that does or do they all support it natively? Does it need a Celerra NAS head? Any information from EMC knowledgeable people is appreciated.


  1. Hi Chad,

    Here's some feedback based upon my experiences with deploying TSM, NDMP, EMC Celerra and EMC CLARiiON.

    If I understand your scenario, the only way I know of that you'll be able to backup data hosted on your EMC CLARiiON using NDMP is by having an EMC Celerra (or other NAS) front end which would provide the NDMP support. Your EMC CLARiiON natively will just present 'storage' to your hosts, the same as any other SAN attached storage, presumably over an FC path. The EMC Celerra would give you SMB/CIFs type LAN access to the EMC CLARiiON storage - fundamentally quite different. Also, TSM's handling of NDMP backed up data is very primitive (in the current TSM server releases that is) compared with normal filesystem backups.

    You mention that you've some 'problem filesystems' that you're trying to backup - might you be able to elaborate on what problems they're posing and what it is about NDMP that you reckon might help secure them to offline media more satisfactorily?

    Hope that helps,

    David McClelland
    Data Protection Consultant
    London, UK

  2. The datamover functionality is not synonamous with NAS. There are storage routers that can act as datamovers, and these are not NAS devices.

    Copying byte level images to tape may not be what you're really looking for though.