Monday, October 09, 2006

Unsupported Debian Client Available

Thanks to Harry Redl for the Debian client he has put together. It took him some work but now you can have your Ubuntu and back it up too. According to Harry at the package works on Debian Woody, Debian Sarge and Ubuntu 6.06. As Harry stated the package is not supported by IBM and USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! All disclaimers and such apply with this package. No claim is made to its reliability blah blah blah! You hopefully get the idea. Anyway, Harry uses it in his 99% debian shop without a problem...which brings up the following question. Harry, what OS does your TSM server run on?

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  1. Hi Chad :)

    well - our TSM server runs on ... Linux. It is SLES8 on x86 (seems we will be moving to RHEL4 for more "political" than "technical" reasons as the SuSE runs fine)
    We wanted to use Debian as the server too, but for getting support from IBM we had to obey their rules ...
    Which brings me to the small notice - I have asked IBM if CEntOS (RH clone - binary compatibility, same repositories can be used) is considered supported platform ... answer is no .... :(

    Originally we had the AIX server, but the old B50 (RS6000) with AIX 4.3 just could not compete with dual Xeon ...

    Good thing is that I have very nice B50 to play with now (strange coincidence, heh?)