Friday, July 27, 2007

DIRMC saga

Do you use DIRMC option?

If your answer is YES, could you describe why and how you use it?
I'm a bit confused regarding this topic... Do we have to use this feature at all?

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  1. The requirement was first needed due to slow restores back in the 3.x version and 4 version. It was carried over out of habit by most people in version 6 where the dir structure was automatically given the longest mgmtclass of the domain. Having the option in your local dsm.sys, dsm.opt or your server client option sets won't hurt you other than it is an additional line to read. Recently I have ran into situations where on Linux, the DIR structure was not being given a retention of its own by was adopting the longest retention in the domain, which is usually the Archive mgmtclasses. But the dir structure not only gets the retention, it also backs up the dir structure which is tape. This is not the norm. But we added the DIRMC mgmtclass and it stopped writing to tape. We don't know why we are getting this result, but once I find out what and why, I will repost.

    Ronald Delaware
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