Tuesday, July 31, 2007

TSM Summary Table Question

So here is a question I hope someone can answer, does the SUMMARY table in the TSM DB track all backups whether they are scheduled or client initiated (cron or manually) or does it just track scheduled backups? Also does it track LAN-Free backups with data amounts? I figure it only tracks scheduled backups, but I haven't taken the time to look. If anyone cares to wager a guess or has the definitive answer please let me know.


  1. It just tracks scheduled backups data with LAN-FREE data if LAN-FREE is configured... It's strange, isn't it?
    But don't ask me why! ;-)
    How do you notice it?

  2. I disagree, the summary table tracks all backups (api/backup client/etc), regardless of how they were initiated, whether it be crontab, tsm scheduler, autosys, manual, or api invoked. And yes, while it includes lan-free data, it does not by default provide a way to distinguish between lan based or lan-free data. And no, mediaw is not a trustworthy value for several reasons. There is however an undocumented option you can add into the dsmserv.opt called "Displaylfinfo Yes" (use at own risk) which will append the corresponding storage agent name in the entity field.

    Hope this helps - MadFerret

  3. The DISPLAYLFINFO YES option is intriguing. How much of a "risk" is it really? Any idea? I gotta look this one up.

  4. Personally, I don't perceive it as a risk at all, just the standard statement since I don't believe it's a documented option. I haven't had a problem with it and it's been running for a while with pretty intensive load. -MadFerret

  5. The DISPAYLFINFO is documented in the Adminstrator's Guide :