Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obstacles Upgrading to 6.1

I have a server with 8 instances of TSM running on it. The first instance is the library controller and the other seven are production instances. So the problem has been how to best reconfigure everything for TSM 6.1 since IBM says it's best not to run multiple instances on the same server unless they are in their own LPAR. So what I have been trying to figure out is how best to migrate to 6.1 with the least impact. I figure I will need to merge the 7 production instances into 3 or 4, but then what would be the best procedure for dividing up the hardware (i.e. NICs and HBA's) for the other LPARs. Any suggestions?


  1. Hello There,

    Please send us your current HW and SW configuration ..

  2. If you fullfill the hardware requirements then it shouldn't be any problem to run several v6.x.x instances on the same host/lpar. If you have found anything else please post that link.

  3. There seems to be conflicting info from IBM on this. Unless these instances are on windows servers, its ok to use the multiple instance on one physical server model. We're on AIX and we did 5 on 1. libmgr is one of the 5. So long as you have enough memory( 8gb/instance was what I read) you should be ok.

  4. Well if it works without issue then I'll stick to the current method rather than multiple LPAR's. I do remember them suggesting 8GB minimum and recommend 16GB of memory per instance. That's a lot of memory when you have 4 actual instances (not counting the libmgr).

  5. I'm running 5 instances of tsm share 32gb memory on a p560 (aix 6.1) and I'm backing up 12tb/day.

  6. What are your opinions regarding this new version?

    I'm not happy with the new TSM.
    I think its less reliable than the 5.5 version.
    It crashed on us more often than the older versions did.
    It doesn't like to be moved ie: cloned via mksysb or PPRC.
    I'm trying to think of away to replace it with FDR/UPSTREAM.