Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Once again licensing time has arrived and Symantec is giving away Netbackup. IBM's pricing model makes it hard to justify staying with TSM when Symantec is pricing their product sooooo low. Sure I can pull out graphs, reports, and pretty little charts to try and help management understand the difference, but let's face it, it all comes down to the bottom line. IBM doesn't like to budge on pricing and Symantec has nothing to lose. Anyone have some Netbackup training materials I can borrow?


  1. Hi Chad,
    Yeah - TSM is very expensive, but most companies dont move...rather the devil you know.

    I google'd Netbackup CBT and found quite a few options..just depends where yous tand on Rapidshare :)

  2. Have you considered FDR/UPSTREAM? I understand it works great. Dirt simple restore process and its priced well.

  3. Sorry, I stand correted. I assumed your TSM environment was hosted on a mainframe. If it isn't check this one out.

    UPSTREAM Reservoir
    UPSTREAM Reservoir is designed for sites that prefer to host UPSTREAM on an open systems server (e.g. Windows, UNIX or Linux), either as an alternative to, or as well as FDR/UPSTREAM under z/OS.

    UPSTREAM Reservoir shares the same basic functionality as FDR/UPSTREAM, but
    also includes additional features, such as “SAN Express”, which offers a high-speed,
    “LAN-Free” backup.

  4. The alternative is going to be Netbackup since we use it and TSM currently. Hence why they are even considering a switch. We'll see if IBM blows it...I'm never optimistic when it comes to dealing with them on pricing.

  5. Well i guess TSMis an enterprise back up compared to Net back up and thats's why IBM is quite reasonable keeping it pricy.